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  1. who ya voting for?
  2. Presidential election and land use issues
  3. undecided voters
  4. I'm confused.
  5. New info?- Iraq
  6. Link for Kerry self-debate
  7. Attention: All You Undecided Voters
  8. What do you think of this vid?
  9. Democrats, Republicans, Pundits & Preachers
  10. Just a thought
  11. 2 cents. If YOU believe............
  12. A contrary spin
  13. Swing states; Off Roaders-Go Bush
  14. So will it be Billary in 2008?
  15. Seirra Club trying to leverage Arnold....
  16. Oh boy, the Democrats are getting deperate: Kicking students now
  17. President Bush or Junior Sen. Kerry supported? Ideas to help....
  18. Color-coded political parties:
  19. Undecided for Bush or Kerry?
  20. Can't we all just get along???
  21. Another email to stir the pot...Subject: Bush Resume
  22. 2 wishes for tomorrow
  23. *ehem*
  24. get off your a$$ and VOTE!!!
  25. Did ya vote?
  26. The poeple of Illinois couln't vote there way...
  27. Oddity
  28. Mdt 11:05 269-211
  29. Kerry Concedes
  30. W
  31. Wwwd?
  32. I voted 91 times
  33. C'mon, even the most diehard Kerry supporters gotta admit;
  34. This just in....
  35. kerry only has this to show for it
  36. Apologies...
  37. How about: "NO"
  38. Bush's flip off vid,
  39. Ping 2K8
  40. McCain
  41. Who would you like to see disappear from politics forever?
  42. Scott McClellan's new book on his tenure at the White House.
  43. Some thing to read
  44. If I could stand up and ask just one question
  45. So now it comes down to McCain, Obama & Paul. . .
  46. Dems and Guns, Interesting Rant!
  47. Articles of impeachment introduced against Bush?!
  48. Interesting facts...
  49. Got this in a e-mail, what you think?
  50. Just to make you smile
  51. I missed the news.. True? Did he say this?
  52. Anyone hear about this
  53. San Fransico Elects the Politicians it deserves. . . .
  54. Anti-Obama sticker racist!
  55. Nancy Pelosi won't allow the House to vote on new offshore drilling
  56. That US Army Officer's account of Obama, yeah well he was lying. . ..
  57. So, how does the staunch right wing republicans explain this one?
  58. House poised to apologize for slavery
  59. Obamas lies to get to where he is
  60. Tax and spend, or borrow and spend.......
  61. Ludacris...
  62. This will start some
  63. Barack Obama's plan to disarm America
  65. It will pay to put the old in..READ IT
  66. For you conservatives
  67. Tax Plans
  68. The second American Revolution (video)
  69. Phelps for prez '08
  70. Is Vladimir Putin a Democrat or Republican?
  71. Texas Mexico border fence
  72. DNC ID tags have an upsidown flag on them
  73. Are Liberal/Democrats Pro Choice?
  74. The DNC Schedule
  75. I'm TOTALLY voting for Obama now that I've seen this
  76. Hmmm.....
  77. Democrats strike again
  78. Obama.
  79. DNC convention
  80. Obama Changing the 2nd ammendment. True or false?
  81. new national anthem in January??
  82. How do other conservatives feel about this election
  83. How come nobody's talking about this candidate?
  84. Green Convention, my rump!
  85. Who are you voting for?
  86. MaCain Liberal?
  87. McCain chooses Palin as his running mate
  88. vote yes for McCain/Palin
  89. Palin on Energy
  90. Change we cannot believe in
  91. McCain admits he does not know how to use a computer
  92. Sarah Palin's mother-in-law uncertain about how she'll vote
  93. Ecomike
  94. Who would Joe Bidens wife, Neilia Hunter, vote for?
  95. Hey there's a Hurricane coming...
  96. Hurricane to strike New Orleans...
  97. Is this the next prez?
  98. Palin's 17 old daughter is pregnant
  99. Hillary snubs Bill, kisses Obama
  100. PAC Money
  101. Got Experience?
  102. Ecomike ? for you...
  103. Obama without his teleprompter.
  104. Effectiveness of the Surge
  105. I love this chick...
  106. Definition of "Person"
  107. McCain does not give a good speech
  108. What's in a name?
  109. Question???
  110. Palin 2012!
  111. The American thing to do is...
  112. Oil politics war and money
  113. Obama's Freudian slip?
  114. Muslim??
  115. In the world of the sound bite.
  116. Good things come in threes!!!
  117. Interesting following the money data site
  118. What are you, Dem, Rep, or Tex...
  119. A Question About the War in Iraq
  120. Biden
  121. Executive Experience
  122. Congressional Approval rating
  123. Interesting note on Calif prop 10
  124. Cindy McCain......
  125. Worth watching
  126. Obama (explains why)
  127. Very interesting website
  128. Obama's take on 9/11..( dumb prick ! )
  129. Dear Mr. Obama
  131. the SNL skit
  132. I feel dirty.....
  133. Irony...
  135. "Swing Voters"
  136. Paul/Norris/Huckabee??? 2012
  137. Can we get them to talk about this
  138. Bush Admin Bail outs in a sound economy!
  139. Change
  140. Drill!!!
  141. Are these people serious?
  142. The sharpest tools in the drawer
  143. Gun Control, the candidates view.
  144. Good Piece by Ann Coulter
  145. Take the test
  146. Gas prices in CALI...
  147. NWO?
  148. Ahmadinejad and his anti-semitic UN
  149. McCain or Obama? who did better?
  150. Favorite debate quotes
  151. GWB stripes unchanged
  152. A better bail out idea?
  153. Tina Fey / Sarah Palin
  154. video
  155. McCain & Health Care
  156. Russian tanks and pirates on the high seas news!
  157. Bail Out Bill Defeated
  158. Money market funds, IRAs, retirement accounts
  159. And so the blood bath begins
  160. Tear this apart Mike
  161. Obama / McCain pic thread??
  162. Some details on the bail out bill
  163. political jokes
  164. Serious problem with NAXJA
  165. VP debate...
  166. Biden or Palin who did better?
  167. Those pecker heads passed it...
  168. The Generational Divide
  169. Wonder if they are getting nervous
  170. Michelle Obama is one scary pissed off woman!
  171. The New One Dollar Bill
  172. Obama Youth
  173. The vultures are circling Wachovia
  174. ACORN
  175. I just fell & I can't get up...
  176. AIG exec's party with the bailout money
  177. How can you...
  178. Obama not a citizen, wft...
  179. Annoying Phrases From The Candidates
  180. Looking for a certain political joke
  181. ACORN Scandal
  182. KKK Leader Interview...
  183. Some help for those still undecided...
  184. BUSH'S RESIGNATION SPEECH This is a joke mike
  185. I love this one
  186. Jailed Obama fundraiser spills teh beanz
  187. Why didn't somebody tell me NAXJA members were holding a rally?
  188. if
  190. Mr. O said he's gonna "Spread the wealth around."
  191. It's happening, folks...
  192. Just how much MORE change do you want?
  193. McCain's New Strategy
  194. blacks voting for obama without knowledge?
  195. A breath of fresh air...
  196. Reversed Roles
  197. Debate.
  198. Would you still show support?
  199. IVAW Members Arrested Before Debate Last Night
  200. Democrats On An Escalator
  201. funny stuff
  202. Dear Mr. Obama...
  203. Obama Didn't Write “Dreams From My Father”?
  204. Colin Powell endorses Obama
  205. Ho, hum.
  206. Suit To Remove Barack Obama From The Ballot
  207. Economics Lesson
  208. War with Russia??
  209. Land issues/closures
  210. John McCain and Barack Obama on Public Land access
  211. Jihadist endorses McCain
  212. An honest reporter, article by Orson Scott Card
  213. A military draft??
  214. Campaign Hope and Change.....founded on lies and deception
  215. Is Obama Marxist?
  216. Election Predictions
  217. Obama and hypnosis
  218. Is it me or...?
  219. Redistribution of Wealth
  220. It is now 150k not 250k...
  221. Blind fools.
  222. lol
  223. And so, it begins...
  224. This pretty much sums it up!!
  225. Just reading this
  226. Any one else getting worries about Obama
  227. Pull out of Chicago?
  228. Barry Hussein's records
  229. The funny
  230. The serious
  231. Obama infomercial
  232. Who thinks it can't happen here?
  233. Comparison
  234. Anybody else sick of the mud-slinging?
  235. Funny story...
  236. If it had been Obama
  237. Night before Election
  238. Military take on the election
  239. Change, I understand now, i think
  240. 7 Year Old Turns Obama....
  241. Barack Obama lays plans to deaden expectation after election victory
  242. Obamas Connections To Arabs
  243. Religion
  244. lol
  245. Row vs Wade
  246. More common sense! And an eye opener...........
  247. Went to the B.O. rally yesterday...
  249. Who's gonna riot...raise your hand
  250. Haha, this guy GETS it!