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Old October 25th, 2003, 00:54
Tom R. Tom R. is offline
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Loose Steering Wheel?

When the outside temperature dipped below freezing I would get a little play in the steering wheel. I could feel it release as I turned the wheel side to side with a completely dead area in between. You can feel it clunk too. It only took a few minutes of the engine running before the looseness went away and the steering was tight. Well, now it happens when it's 70 or below, the dead area has gotten larger, and it's taking 10-15 minutes before it goes away. Obviously, it's getting worse. Replacing the steering pump and box made no difference. What do you think could be the cause? I had thought about the steering wheel bolts but the looseness goes away as the engine warms up, and doesn't appear to be affected by the temp in the cab. Thanks,

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Old October 25th, 2003, 19:22
4xBob 4xBob is offline
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Steering Loose- finding the cause

BEFORE replacing a pile of parts, find the source of the slop. Do this by having trusted accomplice (my 18 year old son, in my case) sit at the wheel, engine running (and in park and parking brake on, block it too if there's any question about holding in place...). Have the accomplace turn the wheel back and forth across the centre, just far enough to tighten up all linkages. You, underneath, look for any slop where a component moves but the part connected to doesn't. Pay special attention to tie rod ends, ball joints (may need to do these by hand/feel), and most likely: track bar. I just put a new track bar in mine, still loose on the bushing at the axle- switched the bushing to poly bushing- great results. Next on my 1990 are the control arm bushings- switch to poly, usin anti-seize to avoid squeeks. 4xBob
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Old October 26th, 2003, 00:23
Tom R. Tom R. is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: Utah
Posts: 2,180
This isn't that kind of slop. I've replaced just about every part already for one reason or another. This is something internal from the steering wheel to the steering shaft, and whatever in between. Again, it happens when it's cooler outside and you can feel a clunk in the steering wheel that is not caused by any of the tie rods, track bar, drag link, ball joints, etc.

I've heard of the steering wheel loosening up on a few folks, but I would think it would remain constant. Anyway, was hoping someone who has experienced this exact problem would comment so I didn't go diving into troubleshooting it shotgun style. Thanks,

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Old October 26th, 2003, 01:35
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churky89 churky89 is offline
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loose sterring

Just a suggestion,check where the steering shaft connects to the steering box.I'm not 100% sure about this,but there may be a
steering adapter,@3" round,with 4 holes with 4 bolts can't remember the name of the part,not even sure if JEEps have one.
Made of rubber,@1/2" thick.
May also need to adjust at steering box.
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