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Re: My XJ's Big Boy Stage II

Originally Posted by LukeRabe View Post
Mind posting some pics of your trackbar mount? I'm struggling to figure out how to place mine axle-side. Also, what size lift were you running? Looks to be a good height without going way too tall. I'm planning on only running 35s for now as it still sees quite a bit of street time. Do you think the 60 will be an anchor and drag through everything or should I have decent clearance?

I'll be keeping a close eye on this build, it's looking good man. What gears are you running?
Im running 4.5" RC coils with 1.75 spacers and 3" BDS leaves with 1" shackles and relocation brackets, along with bigger axle tubes and brackets its around 7ish. I also use all ruffstuff brackets with these except the uppers. Those are from rustys. As for running 35s I don't think it will be too bad but I wouldn't want to do it for long. I had some bald 35s on this thing for a little while with the 44/60 and wheeled it once, wasn't a big fan. A good 37" Toyo or Goodyear will do great both on and off road and would be my option if I were you. I'm running 4.88s in my axles now. I geared my stock axles to 4.88s when i was DDing it on 35s and loved it and even with 37s it does pretty good. I would have gone to maybe 5.13s but the rear axle I bought already have 4.88s so I just went with it. These are all I have for track bar pictures right now if they won't work I can go take some more. The upper frame mount I'm using is a TnT customs mount.. Don't mind the super thin "truss" haha

it got replaced with 1/2" before it ever went under
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