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Re: Stiffen Rear Frame?

I believe you also need some reinforcement between the bumpers as well. If for nothing else than to protect leaf spring hangers, steering gear mount and control arm mounts. although I have both front and rear bumpers and have beat on mine pretty hard with no signs of cracking or damaging the areas I mentioned. I just don't believe the stock unibody can hold up to the type of abuse I give it. YMMV. A good crossmember helps as well.

FWIW I have stiffeners running from firewall to front bumper. the mid section stiffeners are in my garage waiting on a sunny saturday to get installed and I'm installing rear shackle relocators and will try to box in or plate anything that looks weak.

I'm finally getting my rig built where I want it, definitely don't want a crack in the unibody that I need to fix or compromise it's structure. cheap insurance I guess.
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