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Re: Cherokee Resurrection - Build Thread

It has been two weeks since I started on this project and I have put many hours into sourcing parts during the repairs. I spent all of last Saturday hopping around Atlanta Pull-A-Part yards to get great condition replacements.

Parts sourced:
1997+ Left Fender
1997+ Right Fender with antenna
1997+ Hood
Radiator Support
Electric Fan
Mechanical Fan Shroud
Air Box

Lets start off with fixing that power steering pump!

Power steering pumps are rather robust in their normal operation; rotating. However, they are easily damaged by objects slamming into the shaft. Early pump fairly is usually due to inexperienced installers hammering on the pulley.

Removing the old pump is simple if it still has the OEM style pulley. Simply disconnect the screw in fluid line on the front and remove the push on line from the rear of the reservoir. Afterwards the three bolts holding the pump in place are easily removed through the holes in the pulley.

The solid style replacement pulley from Doorman is a world of annoyance. The remove the pump the pulley must be pulled off to remove the bolts. If the pulley is damaged a large hole can be drilled through the pulley to access the bolts.

TIP: If the hard to find M8 1.25 85mm long bolts were destroyed in removal they can be replaced with 5/6" 4" long bolts and nuts after drilling out the threaded hole in the intake manifold.

Fully reinstalled power steering pump with a brand new Doorman pulley.

The replacement air box from a junk yard. This came from an earlier Cherokee that had the extension tube. Simply cut the front off the extension tube off to make it match.

Other replacement parts. The radiator support ended up being too damaged to reuse. Pictured at the top are a replacement electric fan, mechanical fan shroud, and the throttle drying after being cleaned.
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