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Barbed fittings for transmission cooler lines?

I'm looking to put barbed fittings into the transmission so I can run hose directly off of the trans without using the quick disconnects, anyone know of a part number? I've been searching for the last hour and all I can find is threads on cutting the stock lines with a tube cutter and attaching the hose there. That is NOT what I want to do. I want to replace the fittings in the transmission.

I'm not opposed to using adapters and such to get to the barb, but I'm having trouble finding a fitting other than a quick disconnect that would screw into the 14x1.5mm o-ring sealed hole in the trans. adapters would work well anyway because then I could put 90 fittings on it and run the lines towards the back where my cooler and fan are.

95 aw4 if that matters.
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