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November 14th, 2017, 19:02
Gotta save some pennies for my next $$ upgrade and I can't quite decide between these three so I will ask the NAXJA family

Long arm upgrade -- I'm on 6" of lift with short arms. Doesn't bother me except downtravel is limited by the rotational arc. I get a tire off the ground all the time and my RTI numbers suck ass. Its become a limiting issue. Probably getting the Synergy upgrade kit, I like the 4-link / 3-link option, rod ends should have good flex and ride, and it lets me keep the rest of my build the way it is for now.

Front axle upgrades -- I am running 35s on D44s from a TJ Rubicon, the axle innards are good but the housing is still stock. Needs a truss, welded tubes, extended sway bar links, reinforced skids, adjustable track bar mount, OTK tie rod, etc. Weak housing overall. I plan to keep these axles forever ... needs to happen sooner or later.

Off-road Rack / Halo / Beginning of an Exo -- I've had a Yakima basket for a while, and its fine most of the time but it slides around when loaded with gear and I'm banging on the trails. Also want a halo to protect the rain channels from trees which the basket doesn't do. But the basket saved my windshield and roof when I flopped (luggage tracks and crossbars absorbed the damage), and I am doing harder trails now so I want something that will provide some support in similar situations (don't need competition racer cage, just something for low-speed flop), probably the start of an exo that ties into quarterpanel sliders and rock rails. Important item, doing it right will mean custom fab costs money.

Which one first? Seems like the roof halo would be the smart thing for safety and body protection. Meanwhile the stock brackets are my weakest point on the suspension right now, most likely to be a catastrophic failure (torn LCA or trackbar bracket). On the other hand long arms would probably make it perform better / more enjoyable until I do the other mods.

November 14th, 2017, 19:39
Do the Long arm and truss axle stuff now at the same time.

A cage will cost more time and $$$

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