View Full Version : 92 xj front end problem

February 13th, 2012, 17:29
ok so when put my jeep in 4wd and turn the wheel to either side it is very hard to get it rolling. front joint? diff? axle helpppppp

February 13th, 2012, 17:44
pavement? mud? ice? If this is a "dry road" condition it seems normal, you need to elaborate on your symptom

February 13th, 2012, 17:58
all conditions at low speeds only parking turning...

February 13th, 2012, 19:00
do you feel it in the steering wheel? or does it feel like a drive line bind? Clicking or knocking when the problem occurs?

February 13th, 2012, 19:37
If the pavement is anything other than snowy, muddy, or even icy, you should not use 4WD as it causes that exact symptom as the drivetrain tries to move at a different rate in the front than the rear when making tight turns.

If you want to check your wheel joints (The ones in the front axle), put the Jeep in 2WD, turn the wheel as far as it will go, jack up the side that is pointed inward, and look at the u-joint. Because the axle has no load, you should be able to check for deflection easy enough.

February 13th, 2012, 20:14
am in Central il so snow on the ground but ill just have to avoid tight turns with 4wd engaged at low speeds?

February 14th, 2012, 19:24
parking any XJ with a 231 transfercase in 4wd Is difficult to say the least. The symptoms you are describing sound like you dont need to be in 4wd...