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Old October 5th, 2016, 14:06
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Re: Is the stock steering pump and box enough?

Okay! Sorry about the delay in getting back to the thread. Had a crazy month, but finally got in touch with a rep from Lares. I described the problem I'm having and this is where we stand in the diagnosis.

Lares Rep:

I appreciate the heads up on the issue!

The problem your describing is a sign that there is still air trapped in the system. We run these units hydraulically just as it would be on the vehicle. The left hand turn would send the ballnut to the top of the case (input side). Air gets trapped in the upper end of the gear, and is a real pain to get out. It’s a matter of how the gear mounts in the vehicle. The angle of it makes it really difficult to get all of the air out, even when bleeding it correctly.

Can you tell me what bleeding procedure you’re using? We have to bleed the system a specific way to get all the air out, but once we do there is no noise or vibration.

Hello Dan! Thank you for the quick reply! For my bleeding procedure, I lifted the front tires, filled the pump reservoir, let it gravity feed while I had a snack, then turned the steering wheel lock to lock with the engine off a good 30 times while watching the reservoir. I then cranked over the engine while adding fluid to reservoir so not to let it suck down. I don't see any aeration in the fluid but I'll check closely after work today. It drives great! Really made driving the Jeep nicer.

Lares Rep:
That might be part of the issue. Gravity bleeding works great for the larger air pockets, but the smaller ones that get trapped in that gear need pressure to push them through the system. However, you don’t want the vehicle to fire. The fluid exchange is too fast at that RPM once the engine is running, and it will pull any air coming through the return line right back through the system. With the ignition disabled (Coil pulled as you had it) crank the engine over again. This time turn a couple of inches each way, and add a couple of inches to your turn with each turn.

When you give your starter a break get out and check the reservoir. If there is any foaming or bubbling just walk away and let it dissipate. Once it’s back to calm fluid again start the bleeding process as I’ve described over. Once you’re able to go lock to lock while cranking the engine over without seeing any bubbles the system should be completely bled of air.

I’m willing to bet your problem goes away after that. Give it a try and let me know how it turns out.

That was Thursday, but I haven't been able to get the Jeep in the garage thanks to a wedding over the weekend, and now we have Hurricane Matthew giving SC the eye. I'll get out and RE-bleed the system this weekend, as I have to change the oil filter adapter O-rings as well. I'll reply back with the results and continued convo with the rep.
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Old October 5th, 2017, 12:01
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Re: Is the stock steering pump and box enough?

Mine a actually stopped groaning on its own not long after install, the air bubble must've worked itself out of the system.

The reason I am back now Is my Lares box blew its seals and bleeds all of the fluid out in short order. It has been just over a year which is RockAutos warranty. Lares has a warranty that may or may not apply but I don't have a lot of hope there.

I am now deciding on what to do again and I'd like it to be the final answer. We do like to play in the rocks and end up all bound up fighting the steering even only on 33's. There has been some talk about moving up to 35s now so Hydro assist has been brought up again.

We have the PSC (not big bore) Pump that is in great shape so one idea was to put a smaller pulley on it and get the PSC (non big bore) box.
Can you run the Big bore box with my current pump or would you need the big bore pump as well?

The other thought is to get strain off of the box one idea is to get the Iron man Fab brace that braces the box from the sector shaft to both unibody rails. The other is to get a box tapped for hydro assist and have less force being applied up there in the first place.

I have some research and pricing to do to make my decision but since the 1st Lares box had a bunch of Slop and the second blew its seals just out of warranty I wouldn't recomend them if you like to play in rocks.
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Old October 5th, 2017, 13:23
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Re: Is the stock steering pump and box enough?

For the price of a PSC box you can rebuild your stock box and go hydro.
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