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Re: Dana 34: D44 hubs & brakes on D30 Knuckle

bolt up the spindle after liberal use of grease on any and every surface

i also decided to add some nuts onto the hub bolts to take some load off of the spindle threads.

then once again with the liberal use of your favorite grease put the rotor and hub on

bolt on and bleed the brakes:

bolt up the tire and you are good to go:

i then went out and did some tests to make sure all was kosher. this meant doing some brake stands (which locked up the wheels on pavement) as well as some pretty harsh circle track laps taking some pretty harsh hits. so far all is well, and i love the 1-2 mpg gain, and the lack of any vibes from the front end. a note on the brakes: while the braking is significantly better, it does seem to come later in the pedal throw. this is probably because the caliper piston is much larger than the jeep caliper... so at some point i will probably end up upgrading the master cylinder at some point as well.

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