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Re: Time for a build thread... 2001 XJ

Well, I finally have some progress made... Thanks for all the tips on the shocks, I returned them and bought Bilstein 5100s all the way around (couldn't rationally justify 5150s for the front). In any case, I've got the front installed after many hours of being a moron and cursing the name of everything dear to me:

Right now I'm just a bit peeved at how high it's sitting... 3.5" my ass, this is more like 5". Is this normal with Rubicon Express?

I'm hoping to start on the rear this evening, so I'll continue to post pics... At this point, given how much of a royal pain in the ass replacing bushings has proven to be (managed to get the passenger-side front axle-side upper control arm bushing replaced after something like 3 hours), I'll likely avoid replacing the chassis-side shackle bushings until later.
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