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Re: Time for a build thread... 2001 XJ

Very nice! Glad to see others with similar goals - glad to hear any input or tips you may have along the way.

Originally Posted by userbmx1315 View Post
havent really looked it up, but would the front drive shafts make a difference with the lp and hp? also you say that you got a c8.25, i'm asuming you have a d35, what do you plan to do about the abs?

what size tires are you planning to run?
I actually already have a 29-spline 8.25" without ABS, but got a good deal on the pair with a bench build in mind. This will allow me to spend some time to get things right without worrying about crippling my DD. Going to HP in the front (from LP) should allow me to keep the stock front shaft, fortunately.
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