View Full Version : Body fab or Finally got the bug

October 12th, 2017, 01:13
After all this time I finally just figured out what kind of lift setup I want. It's a little depressing knowing that for now on a little part of me will be miserable until it all gets done. It's still gonna be a while thought because I prob won't be getting a second vehicle anytime soon and this def can't be a d/d after it's lifted.

Something that really set me back recently was finding all the rust I've got under the very back part of the cargo floor panel on the right side. Seems like it's not too widespread but pushed on it and it's loose as a goose. Overall there's more rust on my underside than I'd like to see but I think most things are fairly solid. Although sometime soon I'd like to do some underside body sanding and undercoating to keep things from getting serious.

How do you replace a floor panel like that? Strip the interior out to get to it, zip the bad part out with a side cutter. Video would be helpful. Been wanting a MIG for too long anyways. I'd guess they're some spot welds in there that have to be drilled out. My rocker panels are just starting to bubble up too. Not entirely sure how serious that is yet.

October 12th, 2017, 04:48
All the body panels are held together with spot welds. You don't need to remove the entire panel though, usually easier to just cut the damaged section and lay a new piece over the hole.

I had a shop replace the cargo pan on mine a long time ago.




Here you can see they just patched over one hole by cutting an overlapping section and tacking it into place.


For other holes since then I've just cut and patched the hole myself. Cut the rot out, cut a piece to fit, tack the piece in place and cover with automotive seam sealer