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December 18th, 2009, 13:03
This is my Craigslist add being run in Denver & Colorado Springs. I've had this winch for a while and as soon as I finally get enough money scraped together to get a winch bumper I find out the winch is too big. I'm not going to drop the price of the winch on Craiglist, but I will sell it for $600 to someone on the forum. Unless you're building a custom bumper this most likely isn't gonna fit on a normal winch bumper. I'm told that the 24v version of this winch is slapped underneath of HMMVs, but I have crawled underneath of one to confirm or deny this.

So the offer is $600 or trade for a set of Big Off Road's BIG-8808 6" Heavy Duty Leaf Packs. That's what the $$ is gonna be used for anyway!

Warn Series-9 12V DC Electric Winch (PN: 30283) - $900 (Colorado Springs, CO)
Date: 2009-12-12, 9:39PM MST
Reply to: sale-aythr-1507716731@craigslist.org

Warn Series-9 12V DC Electric Winch (PN: 30283) | $900 Firm

This winch has never been mounted or used. I am selling it because it is too big to fit on my winch bumper. What you get: the winch, the winch remote control and at no cost to you I will throw in the pictured painting. That's right, you'll be the proud owner of the winch AND this incredible painting. You must act fast because my wife doesn't exactly know it is part of the deal. This painting would look great about your fireplace where you will see it day after day after day when you come home from work or perhaps after a day of vehicle recovery with your new Warn Series-9 12V DC Electric Winch.

Here are some of the particulars of the winch from the Warn website [http://www.warn.com/industrial/winches/series_9dc.shtml]

The Series 9 DC features a weatherproof industrial contactor and heavy duty remote control. The disc brake is designed for extended power-out use and the motor is protected by a thermal overload switch. Its higher gear ratio of 199:1 provides fast line speed. Designed to meet SAE J706 and CE standards.

o Pulling capacity up to 9,000 lbs.
o Higher gear ratio for fastest line speed
o Weatherproof industrial contactor control pack
o Rugged 32' (10m) industrial remote control
o SAE J706-compliant disc brake designed for extended power-out use
o Thermal overload switch protects motor from overheating

Maximum Rated Load: 9000 lbs (4091kg)
Maximum Wire Rope Recommended: 1/2" 26600 lbs (12091 kg) minimum breaking strength
Drum Barrel Diameter: 4.0" (102mm)
Drum Flange Diameter: 8.24" (209mm)
Distance Between Flanges: 9.95" (253mm)
Contactor: Industrial contactor with 32' (10 M) heavy duty remote control
Gear Ratio: 199:1
Motor: 12 volt DC Series Wound 2.5 hp (1.87 KW), 24 volt DC Series Wound 2.5 hp (1.87 KW)
Approximate Shipping Weight: 95 lbs (43 kg)
Standard Compliance: SAE J706, NFPA 1901-73 and CE Machinery Directive 98/37/EEC

Warn sells this winch on their website for $1,966.88. I have found it for as low as $1,243.99. I Google'd the winch and took the five lowest prices to determine the average price: $1,454.41

Check my math!
AVERAGE---------$7,272.07 / 5 = $1,454.41

More math... Check out your savings!
Manufacturer--$1,966.88 - $900.00 = $1,066.88 savings
Average-------$1,454.41 - $900.00 = $554.41 savings
Lowest--------$1,243.99 - $900.00 = $343.99 savings

Please do not sully the deal by asking for further discounts, payment plans or trades.

Click to links to view larger pics:

BTW, the offer still includes the painting...

January 2nd, 2010, 21:10
Well not really sold, but today I traded it straight across for a used Warn 8274. It is in working order, but I may suck up any free time I have by reconditioning it in the same manner as a few other web-sites have posted.

Anyhoo, here's a pic of the "new" acquisition: