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35th Anniversary Celebration! Moab, Utah Come join NAXJA at the 35th Anniversary Celebration of the XJ. Moab, Utah. October 9-13, 2018

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Old October 20th, 2018, 02:52
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Things I learned at the 35th anniversary event.

1. The term "Bump it" varies in definition from the Midwest Chapter to the SoCal chapter.
2. Chuck can really wring a Jeep out.
3. I could buy Chuck's tow rig for every 10 payments on my tow rig.
4. Nimrod had the best looking mustache at the event.
5. The dedication of the Midwest chapter to drive for days to wheel is amazing.
6. Midwest people will choose to drive into a snow storm in the mountains to get home.
7. My omelet maker is priceless.
8. Top of the World apparently eats leaf springs.
9. There are still folks that have flip phones.
10. Name tags rule.

mac 'still a little jet lagged from driving' gyvr
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Old October 20th, 2018, 09:21
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Re: Things I learned at the 35th anniversary event.

1:Money canít buy Happiness, But it can rent it!!
2:Pasta jays is my favorite restaurant in Moab
3:No restaurant in Moab serves a Blended strawberry margarita (prove me wrong)
4: Los Lobos does not do ďbump itĒ
5: Everyone should do an LS swap. ...That beautiful noise
6: Moab gets all of its annual rainfall in a single week of October
7:18% sales tax on EVERYTHING (Oregon doesnít have a sales tax, not used to it)
8: Donít question TORXís Spotting skills.
9: The Jeep rental companies donít find Humor in ďThe Prohibited list is our To-Do listĒ
10: Maybe Iíll see Arches National Park on my 4th Moab visit, Canít blame a government shutdown this time
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Old October 22nd, 2018, 17:22
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Re: Things I learned at the 35th anniversary event.

1. I should have done suspension seats and reservoir shocks a long time ago.
2. 10 years was too long to go back to Moab.
3. Apparently people in Colorado forget how to drive in the snow over the summer.
4. I need to fix my steering so the jeep doesn't drive like a boat.
5. I should have installed my 2-Low long ago. It was definitely helpful.
6. Top of the World has one of the best views in Moab.
7. Moab sure has changed a lot in the 10 years since I was last there.
8. I love that people with 2 digit member number still show up to events after all these years.
9. There are no good ice cream shops in Moab.
10. Name Tags do rule!
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Old October 22nd, 2018, 17:44
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Re: Things I learned at the 35th anniversary event.

1. Chuck<bunch of numbers> is an animal behind the wheel
2. New seats are a must in my jeep
3. East coast people (Anything east Moab is east coast) really like 805
4. 6 cases of beer was not enough
5. If you pay Currie good money for a custom axle you're going to be let down
6. My Full-hydro-assist steering works awesome
7. 1 ton brakes are the way to go with 37's
8. I suck at remembering names (name tags REALLY help)
9. Pizza + beer is an awesome meet and great combo
10. KOA is way nicer than slickrock
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Old October 23rd, 2018, 17:55
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Re: Things I learned at the 35th anniversary event.

I am not invincible

Really: What a good bunch of people we have.

I mean really naxja is way cool, thanks for having me

Oh yeah and I am not invicible
Old October 23rd, 2018, 21:11
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Re: Things I learned at the 35th anniversary event.

1. Anyone who drove further than you did to get to Moab is awesome.
2. Anyone who drove their XJ to Moab and wheeled it is hardcore.
3. Anyone who qualifies under #1 and #2 are crazy.
4. Rain sucks.
5. Rain on slickrock doesn't suck.
6. Mohawks are making a comeback.
7. Leaf springs are not making a comeback.
8. I really need air bumps.
9. Denny's doesn't know what a Caesar salad is even though its on the menu.
10. Gas in Moab is surprisingly not that expensive.
10a. people are the best!
Old October 26th, 2018, 12:16
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Re: Things I learned at the 35th anniversary event.

1. There are some truly awesome people in this organization.
2. You learn to look for the truck stops when you drive almost 4,000 miles round trip across the country.
3. Contrary to popular belief, those of us from the SEC are capable of driving in the snow as well.
4. Moab is an amazing place. Grippy rocks everywhere were a nice change of pace from what we're used to out here.
5. We might have gone full on tourist one day and blew the budget a bit on Moab swag.
6. Shackle boxes can be installed in less than 30 minutes when you have the right attitude.
7. Mac and I might have annoyed the others with chatting all things Ecoboost on the radio during the last leg there.
8. Josh and Stilly had my Jeep in the air and halfway apart before I had the chance to get my tools and spare axle shaft out of the back.
9. 87 Octane becomes mid-grade once you hit 5,000 ft elevation.
10. Chuck never fails to entertain at a raffle.
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Old November 11th, 2018, 10:44
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Re: Things I learned at the 35th anniversary event.

Moab was beautiful

The trails take a bit of driving to get to.

Way to many people in the national parks.

Plan for weather ranging from 20-80.

If you think rain is going to stop you from having fun in moab you need to do some waterfall hunting.

Mountain bikers always look miserable.

I'm too lazy to mountain bike.

Driving by braille doesn't always get you over the obstacles.

Nope that's far enough, when parking on TOTW.

Me and sam are dumb enough to take our tow rigs down trails.

My tow rig, shouldn't have been one.

If you make it through the sketchy mountains you get rewarded with the awesome million dollar highway.

Couldn't believe how happy I was to see a welcome to Illinois sign on the way back.

All the chapters are great.

When I'm forced to go back I hope it's with you all.
"A Good friend will bail you out of jail but...A True friend will be siting next to you saying damn we screwed up..."
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I'd rather lick guacamole off hobags balls .
Old November 26th, 2018, 22:50
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Re: Things I learned at the 35th anniversary event.

1. people Rock.
2. I would drive my jeep and wheel all week again.
3. Never Knew jeepinSeal and Goose_XJ 88 ran track in college.
4. JeepinSeal once ran a 4:30minute/mile WTF..WTF....WTF.....WTF....
5. My brother will use his free flight benefits to try BBQ anywhere
6. Moab slick rock is just as good wet as dry
7. Moab shows you how steep you can go up and down...and sidewayz.
8. Renting a House right next to KOA with garage was AWESOME and worth it.
9. Sleeping across back seat at rest stop with sleeping bag in jeep 26 degrees OK
10. Sleeping in front seat with no sleeping bag IS NO GOOD ask GooseXJ88
11. Glad I drove and got some MTBing in too
12. cant wait to go back
Old November 28th, 2018, 14:49
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Re: Things I learned at the 35th anniversary event.

1: yeah, all people are incredible.
2: brake calipers work better when both aren't basically frozen in place.
3: my wife does NOT like straddling across the top of "fins"
4: after a near death experience crossing an ice covered overpass on the way home, I still hate western Kansas.
5. The country fried steak skillet breakfast I got in a truck stop in Parachute, CO might be the most awesome brunch ever.
6. Stefan in an XJ breaks everything, but Stefan in a YJ will try anything.
7. Moab koa was great. Nice they had a work platform for us jeepers, I know I appreciated it!
8. John Bjorum continues to be awesome to this day.
9. Macgyver knows how to balance fun and the responsibility he took on. Great job, thank you so much, and know that the red carpet will be out for you at nacfest
10. Nimrod definitely does have the best mustache ever. Doesn't hurt that he's also a great guy!

11. We can't wait to do it again, long drive be damned.
Rich and Carol

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