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Old March 5th, 2017, 21:32
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Unhappy 4 Month Build Engine Problems w/ video

Hey Everyone. This is my first time posting but I have been using the information here a lot. I hate to make my first post like this but I have an issue that I just cannot figure out. The YouTube link is below...

I rebuilt the engine and put new suspension in my 92 XJ. Got it fired up for tthe first time yesterday and it ran fine. I even drove it up and down the road. Late last night I was adding a little fluid to the transmission while running and the engine started having problems:

Engine started surging
Small amount of smoke coming from passenger side (but could have been oil still burning off exhaust)

I shut the engine off as a precaution and have not been able to get it to start again. I have no clue why... at first I thought it was fuel exhaustion (just like when your lawn mower starts surging etc before it quits) as the tank has never really been full and I only have a small 2 gal portable tank. I added 2 gallons to the tank today and still no start.

Checked codes and I get the following: 12 22 55

I have also tried the following to get it to start:
  • Replaced Crank Pos Sensor (recently replaced and it was under warranty. I ohm checked it and BC was checking 7.something ohms. However the new replacement does the same so maybe I am checking it wrong.)
  • Replaced Coolant Sensor (code 22)
  • Changed Fuel Filter
  • Checked Under Hood Fuses
  • Distributor cap and rotor recently replaced also look fine
  • Wires recently replaced and look good (getting spark as you can hear from vid)
  • Fuel in the feed line but return line is dry (should the return line be dry?)
  • Tried bypassing ceramic resister under hood by using a fuse)
  • Locked and unlocked passenger door

I have probably tried a few others but forget. From the video you can see that I have to run the starter for en excessive amount of time to get it to fire and then when the engine fires it sounds healthy for about a second before it shuts down. Tomorrow I plan on getting a hold of a fuel pressure gauge to check pressure at the rail as the only things I can think of at this point would be the fuel pump or the ecu/pcm (however it was running great yesterday)

Thanks for your help... I am seriously stumped and as I said I have been at this build in my spare time for about 4 months now so this is a little disheartening.


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