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Re: Camping and Lodging info

Originally Posted by Grant
There will be a sign up thread in the next couple of weeks. We still need to pre-run the trails so there is no definite trail schedule as yet, and there won't be one until mid-July when we can run some of the trails at higher elevation, but stay tuned in this forum for that info when it is ready.

No numbers yet but I expect 15 to 20 rigs for the Ouray portion, and about 10 more for the BV part. We will have a better idea after the sign up thread is posted, mid-June (about 6 weeks to go).

Staying in Montrose is fine, so is Ouray, and we will have a trail list posted, so you will be able to meet the other XJ's at the trailhead if you wish. But that list will be posted mid-July and will be subject to revision until the last minute - it is CO after all, and the weather can change things quickly.

Have I missed the sign up thread? Jeep should be read in the next couple of weeks, and I wanted to do both CO and Rubicon. Well, I signed up, but meant, are there updates/changes I need to be aware of?

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