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Re: Alternator Upgrade

Originally Posted by O-Gauge Steamer View Post
My local Alternator shop discovered a 200 Amp alternator that, mostly, bolted in. The mounts had to be opened up a bit but that is a well known necessity for all of the high output Alternators.

Cost wise for the new alternator, it was only a few dollars more than what NAPA wanted for a remanufactured 130 Amp.

The fusible link was replaced, as part of the installation, with a 00 gauge wire connecting via a fuse to the PDC. IMO, one of the most overlooked portion of the Alternator Upgrade mod is the fusible link. What good is the high capacity Alternator if the fusible link is still stock. Not only will the wire size be flat wrong... The link should blow out when the Alternator's output is pushed.

My system can deliver 160 Amps at idle and 190 Amps at 1500 RPM which is not too shabby at all...

If you have a small, independent, shop near by, check them out. Be amazed at just how reasonable the new part cost is.

What drove the replacement in my Heep was three 10" electric fans, an electric water pump, the winch and, I thought it might be nice to get full voltage to the headlights. Just for fun...

What was fun this winter was when I was asked to jump my neighbors Diesel Truck. My Heep was able to get his going with the Heep idling...

I am not a fan of used Alternators. For me, the piece of mind knowing that there is a warrantied part under the hood has value. More so than saving a couple of bucks...
Any chance you have a part number?
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