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Re: Alternator Relocation / Alternator Upgrade

The ANL fuses are good - they're the same as what I carry.

I could have given you an instruction sheet on what to do at the starter motor - wrote it up a couple of years back, for my own kits.

If you haven't, the use of heat shrink to seal your terminii is strongly recommended! Tape on its own ain't enough - even a single-wall heat-shrink is a major improvement (I use double-wall, lined with heat-activated adhesive. But, I'm cranky - and I buy the stuff in bulk anyhow.)

The fuse block will usually mount on the fenderwell near the battery, and then the lead can be run from it to either the B+ post or the PDC (electrically speaking, they're the same thing.) Problem solved!

Apart from that, it does look like a good mod - can we get you to givvus some more pix of the finished job from various angles? Or, if you like, can you gin something up in MSWord with pix - I can make it into a .pdf for you, and even host it on my site with other writeups (once I get them back up...)

Just wonderin'...
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