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Re: valve carbon or 0331 head issue? 0630 swap?

Originally Posted by a7273chargerguy
well,you already know that those particular years are prone to sounds to me like you are lying to's more than likely cracked.i don't know about the swappability(?)of earlier year engines but 99's have good reviews.swap it out and get back on the road
Yes they are prone to cracking, but its seeming to be hit or miss as to if they crack. I think casm is on the right track with the possibility that there was just a bad batch, and not all are bad.

That being said, a pressure test on the cooling system can be done very easily. They make cooling system test kits that are available at most parts stores.

The fact the CEL is blinking, makes me think something is blocking it. How is your cat? A blinking CEL is a BAD THING, and you should NOT drive your Jeep untill you can get it fixed as you may be doing serious damage to your engine. This is even stated in the owners manual.

The foam you are seeing could be from short distance driving. I've seen foam develop in other vehicles that suffer from extreme short distance driving (not getting warmed up all the way, or only getting warmed up for a couple of minutes).
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