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1996 4.0l no crank/no fuel/no start

I am new here and not sure if this thread would go here on in the Comanche section because the issue I am having is stock xj wiring but itís in my mj. (If the thread has to be moved can a mod please move it)

I started with a 2.5 renix Comanche. It caught fire and I went to replace the harness and It was a nightmare tracking down electrical issues. So to get rid of that headache I decided to give myself a different headache.
Sooo, I bought a 96 xj running and driving about a month ago ( 2wd/4.0l/auto). I pulled everything out of my MJ, electrical harnesses, interior, engine.... everything. I swapped it all with the components from the Cherokee. Engine, ecu, body harness, engine harness, steering column, fuel pump/sending unit, dash, gauge cluster, hvac and core support with radiator.
I labeled all the connectors as I was taking it out of the cherokee so I will have an easier time putting it all back together in the mj. So last week I got everything installed and connected. I threw a battery in the mj and to my surprise it didnít start. I pulled everything from the running and driving Cherokee but now it doesnít want to do anything in the Comanche.

You turn the key and there is no fuel pump priming, no starter engagement, none of the dash lights come on, and the horn doesnít even work.
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