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1991 XJ no crank, no fuel pump, no spark.

Ok, so I am switching over form a Renix system to an OBD1 HO system. 1991 to be exact.

I bought an 91 XJ that ran and drove just to pull part off of for my buggy. Ran and started up fine so I just pulled the motor, trans, computer and harnesses and put them on the buggy. Pretty much plug and play minus some of the body connectors for lights, gauges etc...

I go to start it tonight and it will not crank and the fuel pump does not prime. I bypasses the Neutral safety switch, so that is not an issue. I have power to the computer and the the fuse box. All grounds are where they should be. I jumped the relay for the starter and it will crank. Also jumped the fuel pump relay and the pump works. But for some reason when the relays are plugged in, I get no signal for them to fire. I traced the fuel pump trigger wire back to the computer and it is not sending a signal. The starter is not getting a signal either. I have checked all relays and they work.

What am I missing? I have looked at diagrams over and over and still can't figure out where the problem would be. I have a race on Saturday and I need thing thing running ASAP.
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