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Re: JK 44s and other Fun Stuff

So with the rear done on to the front...

Good by dana 30..

I cut everything off except the uppers.

I took a bunch of measurements off the d30 to get the lowers in the same position.

Artec lowers

Also got the Artec ultimate coil mounts but didn't like the way they packaged so ended up with ballistic fab buckets. But they were way to tall, so I cut them down.

Only thing I didn't like was the flat surface for the coil, I could have reused the cast dynatrac coil correction plate but I knew I would later want to weld bump stop extensions on so I got the solid steel ones Artec sells.

I couldn't find a shock mount I liked so made some.. and turned out pretty good.

Upgraded the knuckles to Rancho "high steer"

So at this point I did a lot of measuring and adjusting to try to figure out the best angle to set the buckets at. I also found out that to get my ideal pinion angel my caster was at about 1 degree. I never looked into it but JKs only have 6* of separation, dana30 HP is 9* and this pro rock is an unlimited series so it came with 10* separation... 1 degree gain wasn't going to cut it.. so I decided to turn the Cs.

It was actually much easier then I thought it would be, I ended up adding about 7 degrees for a total of 17 degrees of separation.

I did 3 passes on each knuckle with my Miller 211 at max.

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