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Re: JK 44s and other Fun Stuff

So before I get to the axles... I put these in...

Neat setup... and they caused a lot of headache mostly from me being dumb... When I made the bump pads I articulated the suspension... this was wrong..they should have been set at full bump... you will see what this caused.

So went to the dunes for the first time... bumps were amazing... for about 1 hour.. then it all went to hell....

Yeah so I bent the shock towers out and destroyed the bump ends... So parked it, road in my buddies jeep for the weekend then drove it 3.5 hours home.

So got it home and started trying to fix this mess.. Ended up cutting relief cuts in the towers so I could bend them back. Made solid top plates and lots of bracing... Ill let the pictures tell the rest

Not done but called it good for now, actually picked up the axles the weekend before the dunes.. so I wanted to start on those...
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