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Re: Joel's multipurpose XJ build (rocks/boulevard)

Originally Posted by sunburned View Post
Awesome looking tire carrier, very well done.

I'm an engineer as well and I couldn't figure out a good way to mount the bikes either. Of course you'll have to take off the front wheel and fold down the seats, but I didn't like having to move the seat as well. I bought a fork mount to attach to the back of the rear seatback, but I wanted to carry the bike without folding down the seats and I didn't want it way up on the roof either.

Came up with this instead. I wanted to mount fork at the top of the hatch, but I couldn't get to the bolts on the backside to put on nuts, so that idea was nixed. Just absolutely no way to do it, so I flipped the bike over. Sucks because I can't get in the hatch without taking the bike off, but it worked for my trip to the Outer Banks last year.

Big ring on the crank misses the window by maybe half an inch. I'm assuming my mtn bike will fit fine with smaller sprockets. Of course now I have a new road bike with a standard crank instead of compact, so it probably won't fit...

i have a hitch rack i can use, but something about carbon hanging out in the wind bothers me. maybe it's the retread that my buddy's truck kicked up on the highway and did some pretty nice damage to 2 cx bikes. i typically just use my saturn vue. i can fit at least 2-3 bikes inside without lowering the seat or removing wheels, and i can leave up one section of the 60/40 rear seat.
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