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Re: Just got myself a FREE XJ!

Originally Posted by staticrevolution
Just scored myself a free XJ. Not sure of the condition of anything, heck I dont even know the year. This is going to be a chop top, no doors, no back seat, tube frame, no license plates, no registration, loud annoying, non recognizable, towed, strictly trail jeep whuddya think? Will post some pics tomorrow when I tow her home. Only thing I know about it is that it is a 2.5 stickshift that had a small enigne fire with minimal damage but it wouldn't start up. Can't wait to let the carnage begin! Should I stick with Jeep compenents for simplicities sake or should I do an engine drivetrain swap? Anyone have any ideas? Definetly going to be a base for a home done long arm setup! Should I chop the top all the way back or should I leave some roof over the front seats? What are the minimum requirements for trail use buggies? Brake lights and head lights? I am thinking just rip it up till there is nothing but sheet metal/supports and then build a complete tube frame for it with racing seats and lots of toggle switches.

Ideas and suggestions please =).

Go Vortec 4.3/700r4.......and lots of toggles too.
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