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Re: BUILD - 1990 XJ Wagoneer Limited

So the next order of business is this:

It's the underside of the passenger side, in between the front and rear doors. They saw it at the mechanic's shop. We took it to a local body shop with the same rationale as the mechanic - assessment. What are we in for, etc.

That particular body shop turned it away saying it was basically rusted from the floorpans all the way up to the front right shock tower and was maybe trying to get into the frame. They referred us to a "resto guy."

Now...I have to admit here I thought I was going to be the resto guy. I will be for some things, but all this talk about serious rust has us nervous.

Drove the WeeWaggy over to the resto guy's shop. It's still driving good. Surprisingly good for a vehicle with 225k that was left to rot in a junkyard basically. A little rough with no power on anything that resembles a hill. Pretty sure that's normal...and it needs a tuneup.

So - resto guy promptly and easily worked his hand up through the floor behind the front passenger side seat inside. Oops. Big hole.

He's had it for the last few days and is putting together a complete list of what he needs.

There is discussion of painting it that classic, dark blue. Baltic blue maybe? Not sure who will do the work. Depends on the cost, really.
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