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Re: 4600 Class KOH XJ

Originally Posted by StinkyFab View Post
My advise is to keep that pretty jeep the way it is and go get a POS out of the junkyard to build. Seriously. Racing in 4600 is less aggressive than 4400, but there's still a fair amount of contact. I think 4643 is the only cherokee that didn't lose a couple doors this year, and that's because it only raced a couple laps at glen helen.

Besides the fact that the Jeep is guaranteed to get beat up like an old beer can, to make it legal and competitive you've basically gotta gut everything out of the inside, as well as all the glass and throw it all away.

THEN you get to start throwing money at it.

To give you an idea, if I were to have charged Cal for all the work we did at my shop just to repair it and prep it for Glen helen he'd have a bill several pages long and probably nearing 5 digits.......and that's on a competitive car that's already built.
The junkyard in town has a handful of cherokees so I'll see what they want for one, the reason I was thinking about building my current xj up was to have a start already but I'd end up redoing the suspension and those xrc bumpers wouldn't stay so there's not a lot of money into it other than that lol
I'll check out the junkyard Sunday and try to setup a place I could store it while it's being worked on

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