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Re: Help picking a MIG frame welder

Esab 215 miller 215. Both very good welders.
I'll probly end up replacing my hobart 180 with one.

I would advice against buying a 110v only unit.

Everlast has some good welders that cost less than the name brands. That will spank any 110only unit.

Youl get quite alot for your money by buying everlast but youl only have online support.

This one is a sweet little welder 120/240 mig stick tig plasma cutter all on 1 unit.

The miller 215 doesnt even include the stuff needed for tig it's also now debatable if miller welders are any better than the welders shipped in containers from over seas.
Most likely the welders by miller are cheap China welders in the 1500 and under range.
But sometimes customer support comes with a price tag.

Good luck and have fun with whatever you get. Welding is a very enjoyable hobby.

Ohhh heres the esab wire only.
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