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Re: Vanilla Gorrilla blog

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Hey bud

So yes that is a jk44 rubicon front. No i dont have a truss and it is not needed. I sleeved the tubes with a very simple kit. And gusseted the inner Cs. Our xjs are not heavy like the jks are and i dont plan on jumping my rig so im good. As far as mounts. The only things i moved to make things simpler was the coil/shock mounts and the trac bar mount. The jk coil mounts are centered. They need to be forward of the tube for the xj. And I lowered my shock mounts so I could swing a 12 shock on 3 of lift. Then i got a rustys factory xj axle trackbar bracket and placed it in the factory xj location on the jk axle. So the only thing that needed modding was my draglink length to get it to work. Xj under axle track bar works for me. Btw. All of my link mounts are stock jk mounts. They are in the same locations about as the xj. Hope that helps. Any other questions let me know.
That is of great help to me. No more agonizing over welding a truss. I will just spring for an axle bracket kit and the tubes then I will be good to go.

I saw online a wire harness kit for the locker that I need to get unless I can get connectors then make my own harness.

Great info my friend.

1996 XJ; 4.0L; AW4; NP231; SYE; D30 and D44; ECTED; 4.10 gears; 30X9.5 -15 BFG/AT/KO; 3" lift; Rusty's LCA; JKS ADJ UCA; Kevins ADJ Track bar; Drawtite Front Receiver; Dual Electric Fans; Dual Battaries.
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