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XJ Picnic 8/21 at Fiesta Island, Mission Bay, San Diego

Come one come all!!!

It's the Umpteenth Annual SoCalXJ Summer Picnic, and all are invited! Bring your XJ if you can, but just show up and have a great time!!

Figure 10 a.m. til 0-Dark:30, with some of us down there early to reserve a stretch of beach along Fiesta Island right about here:
Just south of the cut-across "short" loop access rd. You can MapQuest/Google/GPS "1510 Fiesta Island Rd, San Diego, CA 92109".

Bring chairs, bikes, Frisbees, kids, friends, friendly dogs (it's an offleash area), food, umbrellas, EZ-Up canopies, RVs, suntan lotion, beach toys, water toys including boats & jet skis, and a willingness to come out & enjoy the day. You do NOT have to show up in an XJ, but it looks really cool when they're all lined up!

Firewood is welcome, but no painted/treated/nailed wood, and no pallets

Alcohol is not allowed (on any beach in San Diego, these days)
Glass containers of any sort are not allowed
Mysterious fluids in plastic containers are known to appear at times
Discretion and moderation are encouraged--law enforcement does patrol

You don't have to bring any food to share, but it's fun to do so. You can grill if you bring a BBQ, and there are fire rings.

If you want to bring something to share,

Hope to see you there!! And yes, folks DO drive down from the greater LA area and the desert to come play with us!
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