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Re: Replacing middle (crossmember) exhaust hanger

Reviving an old thread.....

On the late models, the bushing isn't available separately and the entire bracket & bushing is about $100 give or take from the dealer.....

I used DEA A5208 to replace the worn bushing. One has to remove the bracket, drill out the rivets that secure the bushing to it, drill out those holes for 1/4" bolts, and "drill" out the bushing to allow the hanger to fit inside the bushing. I used a 3/8" leather punch in a drill press lubed up with dishwashing soap. Worked well. The A5208 bushing had a crecent shaped hole and I was using the Dynomax/Walker 36412 clamp with 1/2" bent rod. I've since made my own equivalent of the Dynomax/Walker unit.

One issue I discovered is that the A5208 has variations. The first one I used fit inside the "cage" perfectly. The second one I used was smaller than a perfect fit but will work......

The pics of the clamps- Dynomax? Walker left, mine on right. I gusseted the clamp for strength...

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