View Full Version : Cherokee multiple cranks, starting issue. Very unusual starting / fuel issue.

November 7th, 2017, 18:13
So i have an issue that has gotten worse and worse.

1995 4.0 4wd jeep cherokee 4.0

Present day - if it sits for over a day, it takes multiple trys to get it to stay running. As in, i crank it, it dies, so i flood it with gas, the second i let off gas it dies. I have to force feed it gas for 1-5 minutes, to get it to stay on.

Once this has been done, i can drive it for HOURS in the woods..highway.. etc.

It has done this for ages. But started as, having to prime the key twice.. than having to prime 3-4 times... than it moved to, having to have it turn over twice ( turn key and try to crank, stop, turn key and try to crank again ) .. than turn over 4-5 fimes (same as last parenthesis) . Than present day, its a miracle to get it to stay on. After flooding it with gas and a few times, itll idle beautifully, AND can uncrank and recrank with NO issue.

Im on my way to be ase certified, so i know a bit about vehicles. Ive swapped a few mustang motors, had a foxbody growing up, etc... So this jeep is REALLY a puzzle.

I do NOT have a fuel gauge set, but will rent one if itll help me determine something new, as i already am pretty sure its fuel.

Things ive checked, iat, iac, tps, cps, map(3 different brands)

Fuel pressure regulator (tried 3 different ones, from different companies)

Fuel pump ( 2 offbrands, now a bosch)

Fuel filter (2 times, forget brand)

If the jeep sits for a day, i can take a screw driver to the schrader valve, and get air, and no gas. Maybe a drip.

This leads me to think a fuel issue/fuel bleed off issue/leak.

Ive checked this xj up and down, do not see a gas leak.

The fuel pump and fuel regulator are the only spots that have check valves, both parts ive replaced at LEAST 3 times, thinking "oh maybe bad out of box, or bad brand"

Ive been chasing this issue for a while, but now that it has gotten worse, i NEED to figure it out.

The jeep has 247,000, rebuilt transfer case. Engine runs smooth as butter (when it finally isnt fuel starved) , can tell pevious owner did some top end maintenance. Ive had the jeep last 10k ish.

Random facts, the battery is good, it reads good with my multimeter, its only a few months old as it is.

New alternator, oem spec.

Newer o2 bosch.

Newer cap, plug, wires, etc

Jeep is not a daily, but it isnt a mud bogger, its a weekend grocery getter, that sees an offroad event once a month if that.

Who knows, maybe im nuts, maybe its NOT fuel, maybe i am WAY OFF, this is why im asking in here.

I have had 2 Jeep techs of 20 plus years tell me they are clueless after hearing my story in depth, yall got the short version.

I will be forever grateful to anyone who helps me pinpoint this issue. Its only initial start up, once shes up and running, she is fine. Its the getting her running thats a b&t$h.

Starter is good. Spark is good. Ignition coil is good. Oil pressure is good.

Ive always went with the old... If it walks like a duck, and quaks like a duck... It's probably a duck, saying. Thats why i am led to think it is a check valve, fuel pressure being held, issue.

The only thing NOT new, are injectors, but a bad injector to my know should cause these issues, ive had my fair share of bad injectors, and these seem fine (granted i plan to change them for good measures, if my jeep starts behaving soon)

So i know i sort of rambled some, but i figured the more information the better.

1995 4.0 inline 6, automatic, 4wd, 246-247,000 , 5.5" lift, 35"s, 1 ton steering, and other goodies (if i didnt have so much into it, id just start fresh, but $6k+ later ... Lol)

I am newer to forums so i apologize if i didnt follow proper ediquiete, if your seeing this on fb than ignore the last sentence.

In the end, jeep takes 2-6 cranks, holding the gas peddle to the floor, to get it started, and that use to be it, once started it was fine, but now i have to CONTINUE to hold the gas, at 4krpm constantly for a few minutes, to get it to idle without dieng.

The kicker... INTERMENTANT issue.

Could go out tomorrow and crank it up no issue, or have to play with it for 25 minutes of gas flooding.

Excuse any typos.

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November 7th, 2017, 18:37
1st thing everyone is going to say -- "whats the fuel pressure"

Go on Amazon and buy a fuel pressure gauge -- Not very expensive and you'll have it a 2 days

November 7th, 2017, 19:19
I almost purchased one today but every one has bad reviews. I actually have prime so id get it asap. But just want to make sure the attachments in the kit work for my xj which modt reviewers say steer clear.

I might buy a nice one locally, once i have one, what else will it tell me besides what i know? (Fuel is bleeding off when sat for long time)

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November 7th, 2017, 19:22
1st thing everyone is going to say -- "whats the fuel pressure"

Go on Amazon and buy a fuel pressure gauge -- Not very expensive and you'll have it a 2 daysIll probably rent one locally friday, i just was seeing if i ran into anyone with something i couldve overlooked, between now and my day off.

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November 7th, 2017, 22:12
I just searched my amazon account -- looks like I didn't buy mine from amazon

Might have been from advance auto with a coupon

I guess your right though -- not really going to tell you anything you don't already know

I have a 2000 XJ so my fuel system is different so I'm no help either

November 8th, 2017, 05:43
Ill upload a youtube link later, it acts like a bad pump, maybe i need to replace the entire pump assembly, ive only done the actual pump every time ive replaced the pump.

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November 17th, 2017, 09:48
I just bought the cheapie HF unit a couple of days ago. $16 after the 20% coupon. Works great, ok, sometimes running the needle flutters but it you "tap" the gauge it settles down. Good for the amount of times I'll use it. Just wrap the threaded ends with Teflon tape.