View Full Version : bumping and grinding my transmission that is...

August 30th, 2010, 20:22
i have a 95 cherokee with 307xxx kms on it it has been a great runner but as i turned on my street last week all i can hear as i accelerate around a corner is a grinding sound. the next day i start in in my driveway and put i in drive when i get a lovely bumping sound that feels like its under my feet with more grinding sound (just slight and intermittent gets worse if i apply the break and rev the engine slightly)

so my girlsfriends dad said to change the fluids, i did to no avail tranny and transfer case fluids have been changed, no change to the sound the frequency or the duration (short spurts)

i'm really stumped and i have replaced the fron u joints and the floors and the whel bearings so id like this not to flame a transmission lol

it should be noted that the car doesnt feel like its slipping and that when its cold it dosnt happen as much and as near as i can figure it sounds like a loose gear in my tranny i have to leave for school soon and i would like to drive my car there so any help would be much appreciated!


Adam J

September 2nd, 2010, 02:28
motor/ trans mounts? how are they looking???