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July 25th, 2010, 14:20
I recently swapped a set of full gauges into my '92, 4.0 standard shift XJ. The "new" set was about 11k behind on the odometer, vowed I would change it later.

I searched around and read through several threads on rolling the odometer, but none seem to match my setup. The main thread I've been referencing since before my dismantle was this one, started by TMXONR: http://naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?p=243533999&page=3

On the second page sjkimmel99 posted several pics regarding the electrical interface (thanks guys!) However, neither of my set of gauges matches either setup, seems to be a different electrical configuration that I can find no info on..

The original "large gas gauge" cluster was stock in my '92, I don't know what year the full gauges came out of, but the speedometer assemblies are identical.



Rear of speedo assembly:

Circuit board removed:

^^The motor is off to the left instead of in the middle, which is what I see in many of the write ups.


I tried applying 12v from an inverter in several configurations to the cable connected from the board to the motor, with no results. The motor looks to have all six wires running into it, which baffles me as to how it works.. lol.

I guess I'm looking for suggestions. There doesn't seem to be any easy to dremel spots. There are screws on the reverse side of the white housing, but you have to take the metal plate w/ the MPH off to get to them, which I can't figure out in fear of screwing up the needle.

Anyone got any ideas/hints/tips for me? I'm fairly savvy with electrical stuff if anyone has had experience applying voltages and what not, or had any suggestions..

Thanks for any input!

July 25th, 2010, 18:24
Just a suggestion from personal experience. Don't try to manually rotate the numbers, I did and could never get them lined up, and I was ADDING miles like you.
I wish I would have waited the 6 months until they matched and then done the swap.
You can keep the original speedo. in the new cluster like I ended up doing. You'll like the trip odometer. I wish I had one . . .