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Re: Temperature jumping from warm to hot and back again

Originally Posted by Tony the Liger View Post
Thought it might be possible that when removing hoses to changing the valve cover gasket, air might've gotten into the system, messed with the pressure, etc. So, this morning I added coolant via the hose, resulting in short-term good news but possible long-term bad news.

My XJ has definitely leaked coolant at some point. It accepted 1.5 gallons of coolant before it was fully topped off. This remedied the overheating issue for the time being, but I'm left to wonder where that 1.5 gallons of coolant went in the first place. I haven't found any coolant on the ground around the truck since I've owned it, nor can I find any fresh coolant where it shouldn't be in the engine bay.

This being a '00, my fear is that I've got the head crack and coolant is flowing out the exhaust. Going to look into having it pressure tested this week.
That's how it all started on my 2k!
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