Converting the 8.25 to Rear Discs
Using a Kit from TSM

by Charles Stein

Including stopping for lunch, assembling and disassembling the caliper and bracket several times and testing the fit; the overall installation took about 10 hours.

Place the rear diff on jack stands, chock front tires, remove tires, remove brake drums and brake assembly, drain rear diff, disconnect brake lines from wheel cylinder, loosen bolt and remove pin inbetween the spider gears, rotate axles with transmission in gear to remove spider gears and thrust washers, push axles inward slightly, remove C clips and pull out axle shafts, removing brake backing plate, disconnect e brake cable from lever and backing plate, after removing tightly wound coil spring on the end of the cable, remove and install new axle seals, install caliper mounting plate (3 bolts) and torque to 50 ft/lbs, remove old studs and install longer studs in axle flange (apply small dab of grease to spline of studs before pressing them in), insert axles into diff, install rotors, connect e brake cable to lever, bolt on caliper and check clearances, reassemble C clips, spider gear pin and bolt, install diff cover and fill with gear lube, connecting flexible stainless lines will require that you cut the old steel brake lines to size and double flare the ends, bleed brakes (Mighty Vac makes this easier) and make sure to get ALL of the air out of the calipers by rotating the them so the vent is at the12 o'clock position.

The Parts:

Parts for the kit cost about $600 plus I replaced the axles seals ($7).

TSM (The StreetRod Mfg Co.)
4321 East Willow Creek Rd
Castle Rock, CO 80104
(303) 688-6882


Assembly instructions.
[Large image ]

Lincoln rotors and fabricated brackets.
[Large image ]

Cadillac rear calipers with parking brake.
[Large image ]

The Procedure:

Axle shaft, etc. removed.
[Large image ]

Test-fitting the rotor.
[Large image ]

Rotor and caliper installed.
[Large image ]

Bleeding the caliper.
[Large image ]

Driver's side finished.
[Large image ]

Passenger's side finished.
[Large image ]

The installation is straight forward, but there are a few problems with the way parts fit (no conversion goes without problems).

1. The rotors rubbed on the centering/fastening bolts and the inside bottom of the caliper (slight removal of material cures this problem).

2. The mounting bracket does not seat at a 90* to the axle flange (need to radius the bracket where the 90* meets the weld for the axle tube/flange).

3. After the cables stretch and settle in the emergency brakes may require a couple small adjustments and then they work very well (better than my factory emergency brakes).

4. The brake pedal may be lower than the factory height which may require the installation of a 2# residual valve in the rear brake line. (It appears that the 97+ XJs brake system was modified
slightly from 96 and does not require the installation of a residual valve).

The TSM (The Streetrod Shop Mfg Co) disc brake kit for the Corp 8.25 is worth the money ONCE you iron out some problems that are not addressed in the instructions.

ęCopyright 2001 Charles Stein
All Rights reserved.
Photos: Charles Stein