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Old April 7th, 2004, 19:04
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XJ Won't crank & bunch other questions

Ok did a search and came upon this thread...

I am still looking for a trail vehicle now an 87 XJ 4.0L/5spd for $600. 244K is showing on odometer. It won't crank. I have a FSM for an 89, but the engine section has no electrical part and the diagnostic chart has cranks won't start. I attempted to start it with the head lamps on and they wouldn't dim when the key was turned to crank.

1. Where is the starter relay located?
2. The owner hasn't driven in a few days but starts the XJ by running it down a hill and popping the clutch...possible long term damage? To computer? To emissions?

The owner states that no other one has come look at the vehicle, it's been in the paper 4 days, lots of calls, but no one has come looked.

Other questions;
1. It sure looked like a D44 underneath, wasn't oval and had the flat part in the cover where the ring gear spins and a flat bottom. Could it be? No matter what the owner stated, someone had been there recently as the tag on the drivers side had been wiped clean to read the code numbers/ratio. I didn't have my glasses or a flashlight.
2. Based on the following additional it worth $600?
2.a. The water pump was new/rebuilt, upr & lwr hoses looked only weeks old, the pressure reservior bottle had no signs of leakage.
2.b. I drove it, steering felt tight, even with 244K the trans did not pop out of 1st like my 89 did.
2.c. The trasfer case was a 231.
2.d. There were oil leaks, not dripping oil but a light coating on the underside of the eng/trans/tc.
2.e. The clutch master cylinder did not have the same amount of oil coating as the engine, hadn't even discolored. Owner stated he had the clutch replaced last year for $500
2.f. Also stated the engine had about 80K, it was a hand me down Jeep from his father in law.

What's your thoughts? thanks.

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Old April 7th, 2004, 19:14
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Re: XJ Won't crank & bunch other questions

It probably needs a starter motor. The relay is one of the ones in the bank of relays behind the battery on the passenger side, mounted on the inner fender. Don't recall which one. There is also a solenoid on the starter motor itself. Either of those could be bad, or the brushes in the starter motor could be worn out.

Someone else asked about identifying a D44 just yesterday or the day before, and someone else posted excellent pics of a D44 and a D35 in response. Try a search and it should show up.

Tranny in an '87 will be a Peugeot BA10/5. Rated light duty, most folks don't trust it. Mine's at 240,000 and seems okay, but I baby it.

This vehicle is worth whatever it's worth to you. It's so old it isn't in the books any more. A starter motor is going to cost you close to 100 clams, so if the vehicle should be worth $500 (which is my guesstimate), deduct $100 for the starter and it's worth $400 as it sits. You have to decide if that's how much it's worth to you.
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Old April 8th, 2004, 07:29
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Re: XJ Won't crank & bunch other questions

As far as pop-starting is concerned, it really depends on the style of the operator. If done in a higher gear it's pretty gentle, but if the owner is used to doing it in first or reverse, it is very hard on the clutch. It's all right if done occasionally but it's a bad habit. Although it doesn't wear out the clutch lining, it will cook the cush springs in the disk, and at some indeterminate point down the road, the clutch will grenade.
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