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Colorado Chapter Discussion of Chapter issues. Please keep Tech Topics on the Tech Forums.

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Old March 6th, 2016, 12:09
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Colorado Chapter Information & Discounts

President - Mike G. - Hypoid

Vice President - Trent L. - puttzer

Treasurer - Tom H. - old_man

We here by claim all of Colorado, and we welcome anyone from New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming to join our Chapter and forum.

Chapter Officers have the final word on chapter related issues.

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Old March 6th, 2016, 12:09
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Re: Colorado Chapter Information & Discounts

Article I - Name
Section 1: Formal Name
This organization shall be known as North XJ Association - Colorado Chapter, Incorporated; hereinafter referred to in these by-laws as the “Organization,” the “Corporation,” or “.”
Article II - Status
Section 1: Incorporation
The Corporation shall be incorporated in the State of Illinois as a not-for-profit corporation, effective 7 January 1999.
Article III - Definitions
Section 1: Definitions

* Attendee: A Event participant, whether Member or Guest.
* Board of Directors: The governing body of the Corporation also referred to as the BOD. The Board of Directors shall be comprised and elected as provided elsewhere in these by-laws.
* Chapter: A local or regional subordinate organization whose membership shall be comprised entirely of members of the Corporation, and whose area of operation shall be approved by the Board of Directors.
* Western Slope: The entire area of The State of Colorado, located to the West of the Continental Divide.
* Front Range: The entire area of The State of Colorado, located to the East of the Continental Divide.
* Director: A member of the Board of Directors, elected in accordance with the provisions of these by-laws.
* Event: An activity sanctioned by the Corporation and organized and conducted by the Chapter in accordance with provisions of these by-laws and event rules and regulations as may be adopted and amended from time to time by the Board of Directors.
* Guest: An Event Attendee who is not a member of the club.
* HOHV: Highway/Off-Highway Vehicle.
* Member: An individual paying dues to the Corporation to maintain active status.
* Member In Good Standing: Any current member who has been free of administrative action during the last 365 days to present.
* Membership:
o a. The right to participate fully in the activities of the Corporation and to receive any benefits which shall accrue to Members.
o b. For purposes of voting and as otherwise provided in these by-laws, the collective body of Members in the Corporation.
* Motion: An action presented by any Member for consideration by the Board of Directors, or by any Director for vote by the Board of Directors.
* MJ: Jeep Comanche vehicle, mid-size pick-up truck.
* Officer: An official of the Corporation, elected in accordance with provisions of these by-laws and serving in the rank of President, Vice President, Treasurer/Secretary.
* OHV: Off-Highway Vehicle.
* Quorum: The minimum number or percentage of Members or Directors that must participate in an election or a vote on a Motion.
* Trail Master: The Director or Member appointed by the Board of Directors to lead a sanctioned Event. Usually this person will physically lead an Event, and shall have a high level of experience in order to provide guidance to the rest of the Attendees.
* XJ: Jeep Cherokee vehicle, mid-size station wagon, sometimes referred to as a SUV-type vehicle.

Article IV - Purposes
Section 1: General Purpose
The general and primary purpose of the Chapter shall be to encourage and to facilitate the gathering and association of all XJ and MJ owners, on the Internet and at facilitated meetings and sanctioned Events organized and conducted by the Chapter.
Section 2: Specific Purposes
The Corporation shall provide the world-wide community of XJ and MJ owners with a legal and operating structure to facilitate:

* Technical XJ/MJ discussion and provision of related resources;
* Coordination and hosting of off-road Events;
* Development of XJ/MJ regional chapters;
* Responsible use of public lands through membership in land use focused organizations;
* Exploring, maintaining, preserving and enjoying OHV trails with our fellow club members;
* Providing social, educational and family recreational activities for its membership;
* Promoting the continuing and renewed use of public lands for Highway/Off-Highway Vehicle (HOHV) recreation;
* Participating in, and supporting, activities to further the causes of OHV enthusiasts and users of the outdoors;
* Improving the status of our sport through the development of better public image and association with people who are interested and active in the sport;
* Publicizing and promoting the ideals of the United Four Wheel Drive Association (UFWDA) and Tread Lightly.

Article V - Membership
Section 1: General

1. The Corporation seeks and exists to serve responsible XJ/MJ owners and enthusiasts who want to participate in XJ/MJ related events, and/or XJ/MJ owners who are looking for technical help/support in the troubleshooting, care, daily maintenance, repair, restoration or modification of their vehicles.
2. The Board of Directors may limit the number of Memberships to an exact number at any time. At no time will Memberships be revoked in order to reduce the overall Membership limit. The Board of Directors shall reserve the right to reject any individual or Chapter Membership application at its sole discretion. Memberships shall only be valid if submitted in accordance with regular application processes established by the Board of Directors, as may be amended from time to time.

Section 2: Membership Classifications

1. Individual: Includes all persons who wish to join as an individual member and their immediate family.
2. Life: A special form of Individual Membership offered by the Board of Directors at their discretion from time to time, affording the Member all benefits and privileges of Membership for the duration of their life for a single, one-time fee as established by the Board of Directors.
3. Honorary: A special form of Individual Membership awarded by the Board of Directors to a person or persons who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, has/have provided exceptional service or goodwill to the Corporation. At the discretion of the Board of Directors, Honorary Membership may be conferred for a specific term of membership, or for the lifetime of the honoree. An Honorary Member shall be exempt from dues for the period of the award, and shall receive all benefits and privileges accruing to Members except the right of election to the Board of Directors.

Section 3: Membership Qualifications

In order to be eligible for Membership an individual shall satisfy the following requirements:

1. Shall be not less than 18 years of age;
2. Shall own or have interest in an XJ or MJ vehicle.

Section 4: Member Conduct

1. Members shall be bound by and shall act in accordance with these By-Laws, and such rules, regulations and standard procedures as the Board of Directors may adopt hereunder from time to time.
2. Each Member shall conduct himself/herself in public in a respectable manner at all times, both during and outside of Corporation activities. Public conduct which, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, reflects badly on the Corporation or the off-highway community shall constitute grounds for possible suspension or expulsion from the Corporation.

Section 5: Termination of Membership

1. If dues have not been paid, Membership shall terminate one month following the Member’s renewal anniversary date.
2. If dues have not been paid within 3 months of the Members renewal anniversary date all membership privileges will be terminated and they can rejoin as a new member.
3. If a Member is reported to the Board of Directors as conducting himself/herself in a manner detrimental to the Corporation or to the off-highway community, the Board of Directors shall notify the Member of the allegation and shall receive and review evidence of the allegation from witnesses, and evidence submitted by the Member in defense of the allegation. The Board of Directors may, upon receipt of sufficient evidence of detrimental conduct by a Member, vote by two-thirds majority of the total board to suspend the individual’s Membership for a specific period of time, or to terminate the individual’s Membership.
4. Any Member suspended or terminated by vote of the Board of Directors shall immediately remove from each of his/her qualifying XJ and/or MJ vehicles all signs, decals, and other devices identifying the individual as a member of the Corporation, and shall deliver same to the Board of Directors or to any individual Director or Chapter officer.
5. Any individual terminated by vote of the Board of Directors for cause shall be ineligible to participate in activities conducted or sanctioned by the Corporation for a period of two (2) calendar years following the date of termination.
6. Membership is not transferable.

Article VI - Government
Section 1: Board of Directors

1. The Board of Directors shall manage the Corporation in accordance with these by-laws. The Board of Directors shall conduct the business of the Corporation primarily through the medium of the Internet. However, nothing contained herein shall preclude the Board of Directors from convening a physical meeting, provided such meeting is called by the President or presiding officer or by majority vote of the Board of Directors, and all Directors receive not less than 30 days advance notice of the location, date, and time of the meeting and the agenda of items to be discussed. At any physical meeting of the Board of Directors, no business shall be discussed or transacted other than those items of business specifically included on an agenda circulated to all Directors at least 30 days in advance of the meeting.

Section 2: Officers and Directors

1. There shall be three Officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer/Secretary. The decision-making authority rank shall flow in the order listed above, with the President possessing the highest level. This authority rank is only applicable in decision-making circumstances where a Board of Directors vote is not feasible, such as during an Event.
2. Appointments, delegates and committee positions may be held by any member of the Board of Directors, whether an Officer or not.
3. Chairman of the Board: The elected President shall serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and shall preside over all Board of Directors activities.
4. The Vice President shall keep himself fully informed concerning the business of the Corporation with the active assistance of the other Officers and, in the event of the absence or temporary disability of the President or a vacancy in the office of President, shall assume and carry out the duties and responsibilities of the President. The Vice President shall also perform such other duties as may from time to time be assigned to him/her by the President or by the Board of Directors.
5. The Treasurer/Secretary shall be responsible for ascertaining that a complete record is kept of all activities of the Chapter. In carrying out this duty, he/she shall act as the Agent of Record for the Chapter and shall ensure that all filings, reports, and other documents and papers necessary to the maintenance of the Chapter’s legal standing are submitted to the appropriate authorities in a timely fashion. The Treasurer/Secretary shall have the care and custody of all funds of the Chapter. He/she shall receive all monies, pay all bills, and keep true and accurate accounting of all monies received and dispersed. He/she shall, at the conclusion of each fiscal year of the Corporation, render to the Board of Directors a full and complete written statement of the condition of the Chapter, as well as of all monies received and dispersed during the period covered by the report. He/she shall sign such contracts, documents or instruments in writing as required, and shall have such other powers and duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Board of Directors or as incident to his/her office.

Section 3: Grievance Committee

1. Grievance Committee: The Board of Directors shall comprise the Grievance Committee. In this capacity, their responsibility is to determine the validity of any grievance voiced by any Member. This committee shall decide on the proper course of action for resolving any grievance. Two-thirds Board of Directors majority shall rule in Grievance Committee votes.

Section 4: Elections

Nomination for Officers shall take place biennially on November 1. Elections shall be held on November 15 of the same year. The newly elected Officers shall assume their responsibilities on January 1 following the elections. Each office shall be held for a term of 2 years. The Directors shall be elected on alternating years in the above manner. Each candidate must be nominated for an available position. Each nomination must be seconded by a member, and accepted by the nominee. To make an initial nomination and be eligible to run for office, an individual must meet all of the following requirements:

- A member of the Colorado Chapter
- A member in good standing (as defined in the National By Laws)

Section 5: Removal from Office

1. In the event of allegation of misfeasance, malfeasance, nonfeasance, or gross negligence, the Board of Directors may recall an Officer, Director, or Committee Chairperson upon a two-thirds majority vote of the total membership of the Board of Directors, with the accused Officer or Director being required to abstain from the vote.
2. General Members may initiate a motion to recall an Officer or Director only if the motion is seconded by a member of the Board of Directors. Before initiating a recall motion, a General Member shall first process any complaint through the Grievance Committee or the motion shall automatically be dismissed without vote. A General Membership recall motion shall be voted on by the Membership upon not less than fifteen (15) days advance notice by the Board of Directors, and requires a two-thirds majority of the Membership to pass. For the purpose of a recall motion, a quorum shall be 100% of the current Membership in good standing, as certified by the Recorder.

Section 6: Voting

1. The Secretary shall keep records of all voting activity and a log of all Motions as part of permanent records. These records shall be maintained for a period of at least five (5) years.
2. A Member shall make a Motion in order to establish the requirement for a vote. Another Member must second the Motion in order for it to become a formal Motion. Members can make subsequent Motions to table or dismiss the Motion under consideration. A tabled Motion shall be tabled for one month unless otherwise specified. Successful Motions to dismiss are the equivalent of a failed vote. All Motions must pass, fail, or table.
3. The Board of Directors shall have sole discretion to determine which Motions shall be placed to general Membership vote. Generally, these shall be limited to the contents of Membership packages and the organization of Events. All other Motions shall be voted upon by the Board of Directors, and their ruling shall be final.
4. A quorum for a general membership motion shall be one-half of the current, paid membership in good standing. A formal 2-week notice shall be given by the Board of Directors prior to a vote on any general membership motion. This formal notice shall be presented on the Non Technical and Members forums. Votes shall be tallied on the vote due date by a general member appointed by the Board of Directors. A vote will be considered complete and enforceable when the votes are counted.
5. Except where specifically stated otherwise, a quorum for votes by the Board of Directors shall be a simple majority of the Board members. The voting for any Motion submitted to the Board shall be considered closed 96 hours after the Motion is presented. If a majority of the Board has not voted within that time limit, a Quorum will not have been reached, and the Motion will be considered to have failed. This provision applies to all Motions other than a By-Laws change or a recall motion, which require a two-thirds vote of the Board. The Board of Directors shall follow the By-laws concerning Motions in the same manner as the general Membership.

Section 7: Changes to the By-Laws

1. The By-Laws may be changed by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors. For the purpose of adopting a change to the By-Laws, a quorum shall be the full membership of the Board of Directors.

Article VII – Finances
Section 1: Treasurer

1. The Treasurer may be directed by the remaining directors as to the method and facility of depositing the funds of the Corporation.
2. At the end of his/her term of office, the Treasurer shall render an accounting as of such date and shall deliver up to his/her successor all monies, books, papers, and other property of the Corporation which may be in his/her possession.
3. The Treasurer shall establish and maintain a non-profit organization banking relationship with a local financial institution. The Treasurer shall process all dues and maintain records of all financial activity.

Section 2: Fiscal Year

1. The Corporation’s fiscal year shall begin January 1st of each year and shall end December 31st of the same year.

Section 3: Fiscal Controls

1. All monies received from all sources shall be forwarded to the Treasurer.
2. Except in the case of regularly recurring monthly expenses previously approved by the Board of Directors, no withdrawal or payment of funds shall be made without the approval of the Board of Directors.
3. The Corporation shall maintain a $100.00 minimum cash balance to be drawn from ONLY in emergency situations. The Board of Directors shall determine such emergencies.

Article VIII – Sponsored Events and Trips
Section 1: Definition

1. A Sponsored event is by definition an event in which formally recognizes the Event as a Event, and the Event is attended by at least one Director. Formal recognition of an Event will be established by Board of Director voting procedures, and subsequent publication on the website.

Section 2: Event Regulations

1. Each Event shall have an assigned Trail Master. The Trail Master shall lead the Event always with safety in mind. The Trail Master shall have ultimate decision-making authority for all Event decisions, unless a higher-ranking Director is present at the Event, in which case that Director has unilateral decision-making authority. All event Attendees shall follow Trail Master/Director instructions at all times.
2. An Event shall consist of only the off-road trail rides or other specifically designated activities. The Event begins at the time of the pre-run Driver’s Meeting or functional equivalent, and ends when the group returns to a designated point. For multi-day events, this means that the Chapter will not organize or coordinate camping or other activities, except as a service to the Members. The Event itself is limited to the organized trail rides.
3. If no Chapter or National Director attends a scheduled Event, that event is automatically cancelled as a formal Event sanctioned by the Corporation. Any further activity by Members or others shall not be affiliated with the Corporation.
4. Each Attendee is ultimately responsible for his or her own safety. Safety concerns shall be brought up to the Trail Master or an attending Director immediately.
5. Should the Trail Master or any attending Director determine that any Guest or member is posing a risk to safety, or simply to the enjoyment of the Event itself, that Guest or member may be asked to leave via escort provided it is deemed safe to do so by the attending ranking Director and/or Trail Master.
6. All participants shall be defined as an Attendee, either Member or Guest. At no time will any other vehicle be allowed to join any Event. The Trail Master and/or attending Director shall enforce this policy without exception.
7. Attendees shall notify the Trail Master or an attending Director prior to leaving the group for any reason. While Directors cannot physically restrain any Attendee to prevent them from leaving, a safety assessment shall be made prior to approving any such action.
8. Attendees shall adhere to Tread Lightly principles at all times. This includes the environment and also the Attendee’s vehicle. Attendees shall not put their vehicles at undue risk of damage that would potentially delay the progress of an Event. The Trail Master and/or attending Directors shall monitor Tread Lightly principles, and failure to comply may result in an Attendee being dismissed from an Event.
9. Alcoholic beverages and other controlled substances are prohibited while driving on or off-road. This includes consumption prior to an Event. Failure to comply will result in dismissal from the Event and shall constitute grounds for termination of Membership.
10. Attendees bringing pets shall control them at all times.
11. Attendees shall exercise discretion in the use of vulgar, profane, and/or potentially offensive language during the course of all Events. In the event of a complaint regarding language, the determination of the Trail Master or attending Director shall be final and binding, and shall be rendered impartially.

Section 3: Required Equipment for Event Participation

1. VERY HIGHLY recommends that all event participants have a CB Radio.
2. requires all listed items to be present, and available for use, for a vehicle to be permitted to participate in a event. Participants are expected to stow equipment and all other items within their vehicle in a safe manner, conscious of the effects of OHV use and possible shifting of items.
3. NAXJ A Safety Inspectors will use this list for safety inspections prior to any event. The Safety Inspector has final say in approval or rejection of any vehicle for event participation and may at anytime defer to a second event or club officer for additional ruling.
4. NAXJ A expects each event participant to carry insurance and registration sufficient to meet the legal requirements of their vehicle state of residence and for the roads and trails traveled for the event. NAXJ A is not responsible for assuring an entrant's vehicle is legal for the roads and trails traveled in the event.

Equipment List

1. Visibly charged fire extinguisher (BC or ABC)
2. First aid kit
3. Adequate spare tire, jack and lug wrench
4. Safety belts for driver and any current passenger
5. Adequate attachment points in the front and rear of the vehicle:
1. Acceptable forms of attachment points: (All Items must be mounted in a manner to provide adequate strength and integrity)
2. Tow hooks of OEM or greater integrity
3. D-Rings
4. Shackle/Clevis
6. 20ft 10,000lb snatch strap without any metal hooks
7. Secured battery (no bungee cords)

Article IX- Sponsorship Rules
Section 1- Paid National Sponsor/ Local Member Services

Participants in the Colorado Chapter forum section of Naxja may mention that other members in good standing have a service that could solve a problem posted by another participant in the CO chapter forum. The member, themselves, may mention it only to suggest a PM contact with them. There can be no sales pitches or advertising, these threads will be deleted when brought to the attention of the moderators with no recourse. If one of the participants is a Naxja sponsor and is local and known to the chapter, they may post links to products relating to the problem brought up by the original poster. Vendors will be required to post using their Blue Sponsorship Username. All issues brought to the attention of the Colorado Moderators will be dealt with at the discretion of the first moderator that is involved.

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Old March 6th, 2016, 12:11
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Re: Colorado Chapter Information & Discounts

We have a commercial Autozone account for all Colorado Chapter members only.
  • It isn't a credit account and cannot be used that way.
  • You have to pay for any parts when you pick them up. No charges.
  • You will also have to pay all sales tax.
  • You will need to keep your receipts for all warranties.

The more purchase we all make, the better the discount for everybody.

Make sure and keep your receipt for any parts that have a warranty, since it will be very hard to track down old purchases due to the volume.

This is available for Colorado Chapter Red Letter dues paying members only.

If you want to take advantage of this, PM old_man and he will send you the PIN number you will need to use. Use of the PIN means you agree to follow the rules and not screw it up for everybody.

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