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Old April 12th, 2009, 22:17
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2 DOOR Seat Swap....flip forward*WRITE-UP*

So after searching Jeepforum and for a write up on a 2 Door seat swap I came up with nothing, but when looking through the classifieds noticed that someone was selling WJ seats that they converted to manual and flip forward for their 2 Door. I PMed him and asked how he did and he helped me out so I decided to do it myself. Found some nice leather seats out of a 1999 WJ for $25 each at the JY and was on my way to doing the conversion myself. Since I had trouble finding a write-up on this I decided to do one. This will only work with the 2 door seats that have the flip forward on the bottom back of the seat back. Not the earlier ones with the lift handle at the top side of the seat. I hope this helps all those 2 Door guys out there who desperately want to swap their seats for some ZJ or WJ Grand seats but havenít done it yet because of the no flip.
Now there are plenty of write-ups on ZJ/WJ seat swaps and this is ideally the same. The XJ seat tracks will be reused and the seats from the ZJ/WJ will bolt directly to them. So before starting on the side brackets of the seat, unbolt both the XJ and ZJ/WJ seats from their seat tracks and swap them accordingly with the four bolts that are underneath the seat cushion. Then move on to the next step of making your new ZJ/WJ seats flip forward for your two door.
Step 1: First take the plastic trim piece off that has the power switches and disconnect all the harnesses so you are left with the side seat bracket on the side the seat with the 2 bottom bolts exposed that are bolted to the seat frame.

Step 2: Next you are going to have to unclip the seat cover on the seat back and carefully fold the seat cover up so as to expose the two top bolts that bolt to the side of the seat back. Once you have done this you will have the entire side bracket showing with all four bolts exposed that are needed to remove the bracket.

3: Proceed to unbolt these four bolts with a 13mm socket and the side bracket will be completely removed.

*NOTE: The bolt closest to the rear of the seat bottom may be covered by part of the bracket. If the is the case you can use a small screwdriver and stick it in the end of the recline motor to turn it. It doesnít seem like it is moving at first but keep going and you will eventually be able to get that bolt exposed.
Step 4: Now repeat steps 1-3 on your old XJ seat to remove the side brackets needed to make your new seats flip forward like those old ghetto ones you just took out.

Step 5: Once all this has been completed you will have the side bracket from the XJ and your ZJ/WJ seat that it will bolt directly up to. The XJ bracket will appear that not all four holes line up to the WJ seat but look under the cover about a half inch under the front hole where the ZJ/WJ one bolted and there will be the hole that the XJ bracket uses. I bolted the bracket to the seat back first and then the seat bottom after.

Step 6: Now that you have all four bolts tightened up check to make sure that it functions correctly. Mine had no problems at all and functioned exactly the same as it did with the original XJ seat. Now fold the seat cover back down and re-clip the cover back together on the seat back. The flip forward tab will be just below the cover on the back of the seat back and function completely normal. The guy that I PMed about this said he cut a hole to put the tab through but I did not see the need to. It looks factory just below the cover IMO.

Step 7: I got the plastic trip pieces from another WJ that had manual seat and used those instead of the ones that came with the power. There are three screws that have holes already there for the trim piece. Like step 5 there is an alternate hole that the manual seat trim uses. Look under the cover and you will see the hole.

Now Your DONE with One of them. Go repeat the process for the other seat and you will have some nice comfortable seats that look way better and perform like they came from the factory. A small piece of advice would be to do the passenger seat first in case you run into any problems. That way you will still be able to drive your XJ if something doesnít go as planned. The total time for this swap was about 1 Ĺ - 2 hours. After you get that first one done the second one is cake. Hope this helps you guys out, Good luck.

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Old April 13th, 2009, 14:54
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Re: 2 DOOR Seat Swap....flip forward*WRITE-UP*

Nice work! I was planning on putting in WJ seats eventually but I was dreading any custom bracketry involved in making it a flip forward. This makes it a lot higher on my list of things to do! I would have never guessed it was so simple. On JF it would go into the stickies and Im not sure if there is one here.
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Old April 8th, 2010, 18:38
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Re: 2 DOOR Seat Swap....flip forward*WRITE-UP*

Awesome write up. I havent bought wj seats yet because of this exact problem. Great to see its so simple. Thanks for putting this up
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Old April 19th, 2014, 17:34
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Re: 2 DOOR Seat Swap....flip forward*WRITE-UP*

Not to drag up an old thread, but did you reuse your XJ seat trim that goes over the recline setup?
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Old May 3rd, 2014, 19:14
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Re: 2 DOOR Seat Swap....flip forward*WRITE-UP*

When I did mine I just swapped the hinge and the little lever just sits where the slot for hinge is if that makes any sense
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Old May 4th, 2014, 15:53
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Re: 2 DOOR Seat Swap....flip forward*WRITE-UP*

I've done seats in my 4 door. I just swapped the whole recline mechanism and got it to work.

While I had it apart, I made up some 1/8" strips that are 1 1/2" wide and about 15" long. I drilled holes to match where the seat bolts up to the tracks, and where the extra hole is in the bottom of the seat. I used some nice big fender washers on top of where the nuts go.

WJ seats have the same breaking problems as XJ seats.
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