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Old February 5th, 2006, 19:14
Rowdy Rowdy is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: canada
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Leaky leaky leaky!~

My front pass. side floor is SOAKED.. almost an inch of water. the drivers side is damp. I've checked the windshield seal all the way around and it appears to be good. This leak is very recent.

The defrost gets used quite frequently (cycles the AC too right?) I know the heater core is good and the wet floors don't a) smell sweet b) slippery consistency.

How do I check the evap. drains that I've heard mentioned before? Also, whats the best plan of attack to check the blower motor seal without pulling all the AC stuff off?

Anything else I should check?

I also noticed I lose a considerable amount of windshield wash fluid. perhaps a leaky line dripping into the cowl?

The whole dash is now apart and I cant seem to find any water marks or indication as to where it's coming from.

All the previous problems I've read had been pass side only or drivers side only. this is both... just more server on the pax. side

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Old February 6th, 2006, 05:16
ChipsXJ ChipsXJ is offline
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Location: Broken Arrow, OK
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Re: Leaky leaky leaky!~

my 88 had a leak/drip. it originated around the padding/seal for the heater core and evaporator where it exits the passenger compartment and enters the firewall.

Just found it day before yesterday and I have not had a day off to work on it. Plan on sealing it with silicone this week.
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Old February 6th, 2006, 06:01
CharlesS's Avatar
CharlesS CharlesS is offline
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Re: Leaky leaky leaky!~

The evaporator drain line is a rubber hose that penetrates the passenger side firewall below where the evaporator refrigerant lines penetrate the firewall... It has a 90* bend on it and usually drips down onto the uni frame rail. You might need a flashlight to see it from above or go down beneath the vehicle and look for it...
You can try blowing some LOW pressure air into the tube to clear any blockage. DONOT use HIGH pressure air; it could cause damage to the evaporator fins...

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Old February 7th, 2006, 10:08
Rowdy Rowdy is offline
NAXJA Forum User
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: canada
Posts: 13
Re: Leaky leaky leaky!~

Found the leak!!!

The washer fluid line had two pinholes and was siphoning all the fluid down and onto the floors! Go figure... Now it's all fixed and I'm drying the carpet out in the garage with a couple of heaters.

Any recomendations for products that'll help kill the smell?
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Old February 7th, 2006, 10:32
87manche's Avatar
87manche 87manche is offline
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Re: Leaky leaky leaky!~

I'd spread a whole bunch of baking soda into the carpet. A mess to clean up, but it should draw the moisture out and kill the smell.
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