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Adventure Forum A place for outdoor side of your XJ/MJ. Discussions revolve around camping, equipment, and camping trailers. As well as outdoor activities that take off from your XJ/MJ like hiking, geocoaching, and rock climbing. Also the place to discuss tips and hints for the best places to camp off the beaten path.

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Old September 6th, 2014, 10:08
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Engine Accessory Drive Spares

On our most recent trip (three weeks, ~7,000 kms, five provinces) we ended up getting stuck in Corner Brook, NL for an extra five days for want of a power steering pump. Of all the parts to get stranded by... a ~$50 PS pump.

I want to put together a couple of extra parts to go into the boonie box in case I run into this scenario again. It's pretty obvious what to put together but I figured I'd put this out there and ask for input on a few items.

1.) Power steering pump. Preferably one with the reservoir attached, and pulley ready to go. Include a puller to remove/install the pulley depending on how you put together the box of parts.

2.) Air conditioning. Not sure what to do here... there's the obvious replace the pump with an idler pulley from a non-AC Jeep. I haven't looked into if this is even an option on my 2001. Also, enough kit to bleed and close the system? Is that practical? Needs more research and input. I've been stranded by an AC pump losing it's bearings before but that was in a place where it was an overnight fix (i.e. not remote) and XJs were still a "current" vehicle so local parts availability was not a big deal.

3.) Spare alternator with pulley ready to go. No biggie. I'm due to replace my original, working alternator as preventative maintenance. Good excuse to putting in a bigger alternator at the same time.

4.) Water pump. Pretty straightforward. Swap for electric? Worth the bother to carry a spare? I'm inclined not to carry one. I put in a new water pump about 50,000 kms ago when I replaced the cracked cylinder head.

5.) Extra belt(s). Is there a belt combination that can bypass the AC?

It's a lot of weight, space. I have the storage capability in my trailer but it still bugs me.

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Old September 7th, 2014, 08:28
Hillbilly XJ's Avatar
Hillbilly XJ Hillbilly XJ is offline
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Re: Engine Accessory Drive Spares

Lots of other things if you going off roading, like one biggie would be spare axles, driveshaft, etc. you didn't say in your post.
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Old September 7th, 2014, 09:47
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Re: Engine Accessory Drive Spares

More important, a spare of each sensor in a baggie under the back seat. I carry a couple of spare injectors as well. A spare radiator cap and thermostat.
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Old September 7th, 2014, 17:03
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Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: ON, Canada
Posts: 3,738
Re: Engine Accessory Drive Spares

Agree on axles and such. My problem is that between the Warn front hub kit and full floater rear end getting spares is a bit a PITA. Custom sucks in some respects... only one source.

When going long range I take it pretty easy off-road because of this and hope that locking the diffs will allow forward movement if something breaks..

That said, I should get some spares.

I need to get serious about getting extra sensors. The Jeep is a 2001... anything could fail at any time at this point. I've been pretty good about preventative maintenance on some of the sensors but still.
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Old September 8th, 2014, 06:36
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Re: Engine Accessory Drive Spares

At what point do you just bring a spare XJ set up ready to go? I understand carrying spares like axle shafts and small stuff like sensors, but really what is the limit?
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Old September 9th, 2014, 08:13
87manche's Avatar
87manche 87manche is offline
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Re: Engine Accessory Drive Spares

I have in the spare parts box
power steering pump
idler pulley
water pump.

water pumps usually give you some signs before they completely fail
idler pulleys are prone to randomly just letting loose and then it chucks the belt.
power steering pump as you found out.
and I've changed more alternators than I care to admit in a campground.

for your 01 (as the owner of an 01 that has stranded me)
you need to have a spare for all of the reference voltage sensors that are critical. If one fails or shorts your junk will shut down, and give you nothing to diagnose it with. all you'll see is "no bus" in the cluster.

included in that list is
Cam sensor

there are other things that run on the PCM voltage, like the oil pressure sender, but you can unplug that and it will start. Same with the temp senders and such. Those ones I listed are the "OMG it just shut off and says no bus, WTF does no bus mean?!?!" sensors.

if get get the no bus just start unplugging sensors one by one until the PCM comes back when you turn on the key. The easiest indicator is if the fuel gauge starts working. Replace the last sensor unplugged, then clear the codes set by you unplugging crap and go about your day.
Speaking of codes, I don't go wheeling without the bluetooth obd adapter and software.

man, that list is just the reminder why I picked up a renix jeep to DD.
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Old September 12th, 2014, 08:49
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DrMoab DrMoab is offline
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Re: Engine Accessory Drive Spares

I don't carry this in my jeep because I am seldom out very far with it alone but in my trailer I have an action packer that has the following.

Spare belt
both hoses
water pump
PS pump
fully loaded throttle body
Cam sensor
Temp sensor
and an AC delete pulley because it is light and much more compact than a compressor.

Jeep always has spare shafts and a few other parts like that but I figure those are the biggest things that can fail.
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Old September 12th, 2014, 20:10
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Got Shafted
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Re: Engine Accessory Drive Spares

Depending on what size tires you have, a pitman arm and or steering box. I know a box is heavy, but I have seen my fair share of sector shafts sheared and/or boxes broken off the unibody.
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