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Adventure Forum A place for outdoor side of your XJ/MJ. Discussions revolve around camping, equipment, and camping trailers. As well as outdoor activities that take off from your XJ/MJ like hiking, geocoaching, and rock climbing. Also the place to discuss tips and hints for the best places to camp off the beaten path.

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Old September 14th, 2014, 07:03
Jrozar Jrozar is offline
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Offroad Family Emergency / Survival Kit

Im getting ready to put together an (Pelican 1600 suitcase sized) emergency kit that I can throw on top of the Jeep or Cherokee on the roof rack for when I am out exploring with the family.

Since our exploring is done out in the deserts and mountains of the remote West....what would you have in the kit?

The kit will be based upon two adults, me & the wife and two two year olds....

Both the Jeep and Cherokee have a full size Spare tire, tools, shovel, hi-lift, axe, air compressor....

What would you add for this kit and why?

Example of the size with a gallon of milk


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Old September 14th, 2014, 21:00
KelticTJ KelticTJ is offline
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Re: Offroad Family Emergency / Survival Kit

I'm pretty much copy and pasting from the kit I bought. It came with emergency supplies like a blanket, tarp etc. but these are the medical essentials.
Bloodstopper (x4)
Burn Free - 4" x 4" (x2)
Small Burn Free (x4)
Sun X SPF30 (x3)
Ice Packs (x3)
Triangular Bandages (x3)
Surgi Pad - 4" x 7" (x6)
Tape - 2" x 10 Yards (x3)
Paramedic Scissors
Non Adherent Pad (x12)
Hydrogen Peroxide
Eye Wash
Ammonia Inhalant (x10)
Large Patch Bandage (x25)
CPR Mouth Piece
Latex Gloves (x100)
Medium Splint

I also added New Skin, regular band aids, a couple of backpacker meals, tweezers, cold medicine/Immodium AD. It may be a little overboard but I don't like to be unprepared for any medical situation whether it be minor or major. Not to mention, I'm always hurting myself in one way or another I keep it in a rubbermaid box that is similar to the Pelican and usually have space for it inside the cabin. Eventually will have to move it to the roof rack.
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Old September 15th, 2014, 05:45
SolarBell SolarBell is offline
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Re: Offroad Family Emergency / Survival Kit

I despise the pre-made kits since they seem to have so few of what is typically used and a bunch of stuff that never gets used. That being said I typically over pack/plan. At one point my idea list for a vehicle based kit was almost as well stocked as a small ambulance. Start small. You can make simple supplies go a really long way while you figure out what you need.

First piece of advice - don't pack something you don't know how to use or apply. (e.g. If you don't know the reasons why or why not to apply a blood stopper compress, don't pack one.) Also - remember that some items go bad with long term storage so be sure to check them every couple of months (instant ice packs, alcohol wipes, etc). On top of it all, you have to plan for kids being kids.

You can't go wrong with a bunch of 4x4's and good tape. The perforated bandage tape is great, I have yet to find any "waterproof" tape that actually sticks more than 30 seconds. Then with a pair of trauma shears (the EMT scissors) you can cut it into whatever size you need.

Here's a good start.
- 4x4's (12-ish)
- Bandage tape (2 rolls of 1" wide)
- Band-Aids (the super-sticky fabric backed ones are awesome, get small, large, and knuckle ones and plenty for the kids)
- Triangle bandages (great for hold up hurting arms) (2)
- 2" wide gauze rolls (good for large area scrapes on an arm or leg) (2)
- 2" wide coban rolls (3)
- Petroleum jelly (make your own non-stick bandage) (1 small jar)
- SAM splint in medium and small
- Alcohol wipes (12)
- Instant ice pack (2)
- Bottle of saline solution that they sell in eye care (1)
- Trauma shears
- Tweezers (make sure they close tight at the tip for small stuff)
- Lots of sunscreen
- Emergency meals are good in the back country, keep in mind that at higher temps they don't keep as long
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Old September 24th, 2014, 14:46
cal's Avatar
cal cal is offline
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Re: Offroad Family Emergency / Survival Kit

"Both the jeep and the cherokee".

you sir have issues.

Don't forget some kind of communications. ham radio or 'by the minute' sat phone that runs on removable lithium ion batteries.
I'm not a complete idiot - there are parts missing.
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Old September 24th, 2014, 21:28
devildog0's Avatar
devildog0 devildog0 is offline
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Re: Offroad Family Emergency / Survival Kit

I typed a long reply at work and it got deleted.

Since this is being touted a survival kit I'm going to skip things that would usually be considered comfort items. This is just to keep you alive after all.

Shelter and "Thermal Regulation"
In an emergency your Jeeps can be your shelter. Infact it's best to be close to your vehicle as it's MUCH easier to see from the air and the ground than a few little specs (ya'll) moving around on the ground.

Multiple ways to start fire. At least 2. I carry 3 or 4 in the Jeep. A fire can save your life.

Ways to stay warm, other than fire. Sleeping bags for all isn't a choice in that case you have. But you can get a bag full of space blankets on amazon for 10 bucks. Good enough for the purpose of survival. It won't keep you comfortable on really cold nights but will keep you alive. Especially if you combine them and have everyone share body heat.

Water-When you leave the house have a gallon per day, per person if possible. Other than that have at least two ways to purify/filter water on the go. I carry Iodine Tabs and a hand pump water filter on all trips. If the water pump fails I can use the Iodine tabs and can do a ghetto filter of the water though a T-Shirt before dropping in the Iodine Tabs.

Food-You can go a long while without food which is why I put this last. It will suck but you can go on very little food and still operate. I'd say throw one MRE per person into your box just to keep things simple. 1 MRE a day is actually pretty good eating haha. This will simplify stuff. You can also go Freeze Dried but keep in mind you will burn though your water pretty quickly compared to just using something in cans or MREs.

Comms- Definitely learn enough about HAM to use them and pick up a cheap (35ish dollar) Baofeng UV-5R and learn the repeaters where you will be going. This can save you when your cell phone does not work. CB simply doesn't have the range.

That is a great case. You can put a bunch of stuff in there just make sure it's all useful and not "fluff"

Hope this helps a bit.
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Old December 22nd, 2014, 10:38
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old_man old_man is offline
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Re: Offroad Family Emergency / Survival Kit

I had a Henry AR-7 in my emergency kit. I also carry water purifying tablets and a purifying pump setup.
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