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35th Anniversary Celebration! Moab, Utah Come join NAXJA at the 35th Anniversary Celebration of the XJ. Moab, Utah. October 9-13, 2018

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Old October 31st, 2018, 10:35
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Re: What can we do better?

I had a hard time picking times for the meet n greet, show n shine and banquet this year. I used the last two big events for suggested times. I went with 530pm every night because it was easier for people to remember one time instead of the evening events being moved around every night.

530pm also allowed for some sun light after the event began. It gets dark in Moab. It's also a normal dinner time and every one of those events involved food. Time was especially important for the show n shine and being able to see the rigs.

530pm doors open with eating at 6pm for the banquet allowed us to get started at a reasonable time, I'm never sure how late things will run and in the past at other events I've been dinged for them going too late. Especially trying to be mindful at Moab where people want an early start if they are leaving to go home on Saturday morning.

Spanish trail arena has an indoor facility where we could've had the show n shine inside if it was available (yes brought the jeeps inside). Unfortunately it wasn't this trip. Maybe in 5 years it will be and we could start that event a little later. I did have an inside spot (at Spanish trail) on backup tho this year if the weather would've been bad where we could've ate at least, but the vehicles wouldn't have been close.

Another option is to start the trails an hour earlier...

The most reasonable option would probably be just to move things back to 6pm every night. An extra 30 minutes would give a little more breathing room.

mac 'keep the comments coming' gyvr
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Old October 31st, 2018, 15:05
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Re: What can we do better?

I'd be fine with starting trails earlier.
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Old October 31st, 2018, 17:17
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Re: What can we do better?

One other suggestion - make sure that in a couple years (when we start planning the 40th ) that we can still find these suggestions!
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Old October 31st, 2018, 21:44
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Re: What can we do better?

Originally Posted by chedisme View Post
I'd be fine with starting trails earlier.
I agree
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Old October 31st, 2018, 21:48
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Re: What can we do better?

Originally Posted by chedisme View Post
I'd be fine with starting trails earlier.
I am noting that this suggestion is endorsed by those coming from the east coast.

I was pushing it to be on time the first couple of days.

But I will grant that most of the country is east of Moab.

Another thought, on a separate topic has occurred to me: WRT trail spill kits--In addition to handing them out to everyone at the beginning of the event could we also have extras on hand so that we can tell folks that if you need to use your trail spill kit while here we will replace it with a fresh one so that you don't go home without one?
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Old October 31st, 2018, 21:56
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Re: What can we do better?

Originally Posted by macgyvr View Post
Since a lot of the trails are on the top of our heads, can someone make a list of trails that are close to town that would be favorable to do on the meet and greet, show n shine, and banquet days?

That way when the future planners (volunteers) review this thread they won't have to do any more digging that necessary.

mac 'help the future out' gyvr
Just my opinion:

Closest trails in Moab
Moab Rim
Hell's Revenge
Fins & Things

Relatively Close (Doable if group is not too big)
Cliff Hanger
Metal Masher
Poison Spider Mesa (?)
Sevenmile Rim
Gold Bar Rim
Steel Bender

Far Trails (Avoid on days with evening events)
Dome Plateau
Top of the World
Pritchett Canyon (due to difficulty / exit is far)
Poison Spider Mesa / Golden Spike / Gold Bar Rim (as combos)

Not sure on other trails because I haven't run them
Old November 1st, 2018, 12:19
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Re: What can we do better?

The ease of a given trail, and it's length may be as much a factor for determining overall time for the day, as the distance to the trailhead.

Dome Plateau I led. It is a long drive out to the trailhead, but had there not been conflicts with the map (s) I was using, we may have completed the trail as scheduled, even with the mechanical breakdown. Nonetheless, it was a pretty long day.

David Bricker / SYR - ITO
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Old November 1st, 2018, 16:34
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Re: What can we do better?

While I would agree that the later start times left less wiggle room for trail breakage and whatnot, I'll also admit they at least "felt" right to me having had such a long haul to get there.
Honestly, I thought the entire thing was well run and took a lot of time out for the folks who handled registration and tech, which is always a pain. Major kudos to those who did so much, your efforts are definitely appreciated by my wife and I. I was taking notes the entire time and really need to crack down for our chapter event in that respect.
30 minutes earlier for trails, or 30 later for night events. I lean towards the night option, again, things can go late when it comes to events like this that bring people from all over, and I'm of the opinion that things go smoother on the trails when everyone is well rested. But I'm kissing 50, so old fart status may be factoring in...?
...the wife and I flat out loved it out there, we will be back without question. Thanks to all that did so much to make it happen!

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