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NorthWest Chapter Trip Reports A place to post up details after an adventure.

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Old December 16th, 2013, 17:00
Bronzewyrm Bronzewyrm is offline
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NF2207 to Opal Lake

I was contacted about a month ago and asked if there was a place I knew of and if I was willing to lead a "snow day" type of run. he had several members of his family and specifically a 3yr old little girl that wanted to get out and play in the snow, in a desperate way. I made a few shoutouts and got a few warm replies back. so we decided to set a date and set up some run plans.

We met up at the Shari's restaurant right off of Lancaster dr. and Hw22.
Mopar440 met Tessa, Josh, And I for some early morning grub. After slamming a cup of coffee we were met by Larry's (Deminoid369) smiling face. We must have had good timing Because just as we made our way to the jeeps, the rest of the group starting rolling in. With 5 XJ's, A Grand Cherokee, and a F250 Deep. we set out to make a final fuel stop in Stayton.

From there we stopped at the Ginger Bread House and added a Toyota pickup to the group. From there its only about another mile up the road where you turn onto N.Fork Rd. this turns into NF2207. it dumps out on the west side of the Detroit lake area on Hw22 if you follow it all the way through. our destination goal was Opal lake. The lake sits a 3600ft +/- but the road is on a ridge that runs around the lake about 400 ft higher.

3pools is a popular swimming spot in the summer time and was my 1st planned stop. I come here every year for family camping, but I had never seen it iced up. it proved to be just as fun!

Larry goofing off with the rest of them. Keep in mind This was the graceful slide. we missed the good one

The Girls

From here we headed up quite a bit. I wanted to stop at a camp site I always go to. I has a killer view, a killer spot for the "beer corral", and a lagoon/waterfall for serenity. I really thought with the recent weather and the group we were packing, that we would struggle to make it there. After arriving and only having 2" of slushy snow on the ground Zach and I, without saying a thing, we obviously displeased.

Zach and I looked to the group for a choice. hang here, or push of to the lake witch was above us by another 1200 ft. Zach's MOM says "let go for more snow" WOOP! we push on!

After about a 10 min drive we started noticing more snow buildup (I was getting kinda worried at this point) it was looking really good, Larry was having fun going "line to line" up the hill where we found the end of the plowed tracks. I didn't want to dig to deep of holes for the group so I decided to jump out and air down. (I had been mostly 2wd and full psi up to to this point.) I was so excited to start breaking trail that I didn't look behind me for the entire group, I had 2 sets of lights behind me as I made my way up the hill. the snow depth grew Quick. Keith and Larry both jumped out to drop some more psi.

we I looked over and caught a look at the lake. We had passed the day use area in the snow and were neer 1000ft +/- above the lake. Keith then informed me that D/T snow excitement the Toyota had nosed into the ditch playing around, and the f250 was having problems back where we stopped. knowing a couple in the group would most likely not venture up this far I turned around to give the Big Pig some assistance.

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Old December 16th, 2013, 17:04
Bronzewyrm Bronzewyrm is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: Independence,or
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Re: NF2207 to Opal Lake

Afterwards we decided it was time for a fire, some sledding, and some smores. We found the fire pit at the trail head to opal lake and decided to Park them there for a while. The kids were itching to get out into the good snow!

Knowing where they were the group started to trickle out at this point. The kids were is such good spirits, the company was great, fire was amazing. The 4 homies just kept bs'n the day away. Jen, Tessa, and Larry decided it would be smart to hike down to the lake. Yes its 400ft down, Yes the trail is more of a creak bed that carved its way down the hill, boulders included. Yes there is at marsh land at the bottom for a 1/4 mile, now frozen. Then you get to the lake witch was still frozen. It was 44* at the time. They were gone a while...

At the point that the kids were cuddled up in the "Dog Blanket" with keith, and the sun was on its way down. we figured it was time to snuff out the fire and head for home. (Tough I think none of us really wanted to)

on the way out.

Im really glad I got rousted into putting this together. it was the best time I have had in the snow for a long time. the kids were awesome! ALL of them! and the company could not have been better.

Thanks Again guys and gals for coming out. I look forward to the next time out.

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Old December 16th, 2013, 20:33
bmikes's Avatar
bmikes bmikes is offline
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NF2207 to Opal Lake

This picture is so cool looking!!! It sounds like it was a fun trip!!
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Old December 17th, 2013, 00:45
kndrewa's Avatar
kndrewa kndrewa is offline
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Re: NF2207 to Opal Lake

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Old December 17th, 2013, 08:09
NW99XJ NW99XJ is offline
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Re: NF2207 to Opal Lake

That 3 pools place looks amazing. I'm gonna have to make a point to get out there this summer for a dip.
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Old December 17th, 2013, 09:08
Demonoid369 Demonoid369 is offline
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NF2207 to Opal Lake

May I remind you, Tess, Jen, and I thought we had only been gone an hour! Lmao ya the trip to the lake was fun but only once lmao

Even got Tess to walk out on to the lake lol, the ice was easily 4" at the least.
Had a great time just sitting around the fire eating s'mores and BS'ing

That was the untouched trail that we were going to do till we realized it was only bronze, mopar440, and I driving lol had to back track to see where the others had gone or happened lol
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Old December 17th, 2013, 21:41
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mopar440 mopar440 is offline
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Re: NF2207 to Opal Lake

Can't remember the little girl's name, but was more than happy to lend the back of the Jeep, a sleeping bag and Rubicon to warm her up! Ruby was in cuddle -heaven!!
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Old December 18th, 2013, 15:24
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stang65 stang65 is offline
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Re: NF2207 to Opal Lake

our little girl is Giovanna and thank you so much she had the time of her life she didnt even make it a mile down the road before she passed out. was a great time didnt really push the jeep to hard other than trying to tug on the ford some and the power steering issue. but this was a fun for all trip maybe this winter we will find the limits of the jeep.
thank you John for getting this going I know my fiance' had a blast also. we have some pictures i will try and get off face book when i can.
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