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Old May 29th, 2007, 00:26
AlabamaBill AlabamaBill is offline
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Location: Moulton, Alabama
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How my mild 3 inch lift grew into a monster 6.5 inch lift

How my mild 3 inch lift grew into a monster 6.5 inch lift

I am serious. I had no plans for anything higher then 3 inches when I started. I wanted no driveline problems. I wanted to keep as much stock as possible and keep the cost down. I planned on 30 maybe 31 inch tires. You know, just a nice off road vehicle to take to hunting camp and little else. HOW wrong could I have been and what went wrong you might wonder. Well, I got screwed basically or screwed myself. You will have to decided.

I will start with the first problem. I bought Rubicon Express 1463 3.5 inch extreme duty springs at a bargain, WRONG! If they had been 3.5 springs then all would have been well, but they are really not. I have since learned Rubicon sells the same spring in the 4.5 kit. So they are really 4.5 inch springs, or are they? Well I getting somewhere between 5 and 7 right now. I have not done a precise measurement but my rough measurement puts it at 6 or so. I can say with confidence that they are between 5 and 7. I am told they will settle or add a few hundred pounds to back ….duh what kind of answer is that?

Now here is the second miss step. In stead of taking them off and selling them or saving for a larger project, I decided to try to balance the leaf springs out in hoping of them settling some with time. You know, if I raised the front an inch or so and if the back comes down an inch or so, then the problem would be solved. My jeep might be closer to level driving instead of going down hill, a step hill, all the time. You know, the rear jacked up like a 1960’s *(or 70’s) hot rod. Oh, did I wade off in it big time.

Now from reading, I also figured I had better start worrying about a SYE. This is probably the only lucky break I got. I put in 8.8 Ford and the increase size of the axle and getting a good angle on spring perches, I believe *fingers crossed* I have dodged that bullet. It looks like it will work fine. I have not had the jeep over 35 miles an hour but drove like a champ. So this is my one potential lucky break. But where is the miss step you might ask?

I decided I would call a different place and get a heavy duty adjustable track bar and some slightly higher springs. The guy on the phone told it was possible to get by with the slightly longer lower control arm that I had for my 3 inch lift. He told me he would fix me right up and he did. He sent the new springs and the track bar. I did not ask the height of springs but told him my problem and things I was trying to avoid. I wanted to level out my jeep some without having to buy new LCA and UCA if possible. Like I said, he said he “could fix me up.” Well, I got the springs and I knew I had been “fixed up”. Common sense told me that I should never put these spring on the jeep. So I tried adding a one inch spring spacer instead to my 3 inch coil springs. The spacer still left the front almost three inches lower. I decided *here is the mistake* if I went to 2 inch spacer, then I might as well try that FRIGGIN 6.5 inch springs. You know, the springs sent to fix my problems. Maybe with the bumper and winch weight it would not be that much more and maybe he knew more then me, maybe if frogs had wings they would not bump their butts, and maybe…well you get the picture.

I put those 6.5 springs on the jeep and managed to get my stock UCA in place. I then stepped back and took a quick assessment. If I am able winch my LCA in to place, the yoke on my axle will not be pointed anywhere toward my transfer case. The yoke will be pointed at or below horizontal. I am not a genius, never done this stuff but I know that is not good. From that angle, it would be impossible for this to function. Now, after wrestling those springs on my jeep and dodging spring compressor as they popped off, I will not be taking those monsters off anytime soon.

So as of tomorrow, I will be in Rainbow City, Alabama at 9:00 am or close to it. I will be there to purchase LCA, UCA, drop pitman, transfer case drop. I GUESS WHEN THOSE RE SETTLE, I will be buying shackles, blocks or new springs. And the moral of this story is….I guess I will put that bastard s10 pack that is sitting garage and those 3 inch springs on my other XJ, along with what ever else I take off the first “3” incher… Do you think they miss represent the height of some these things to sucker you in or am I just a sucker? By the way, how much cutting will it take to get 35’s to work? Heck might as well dive in now.

Dyslexic Bill in Alabama, we hope
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Old May 29th, 2007, 06:29
non-stick's Avatar
non-stick non-stick is offline
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Location: Where the h*ll is Rhoadesville, VA??
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Re: How my mild 3 inch lift grew into a monster 6.5 inch lift

That, my friend, is why when I planned my similar build (it took 9 years to research etc.) I went with complete "systems" from manufacturers with a reliable history and reputation for designing, testing, and servicing said systems for the XJ. I went with a full RE 3.5 superflex system with leaves and never had a lick of trouble. True, RE leaves do sit higher initially, but they do settle and my stuff was spot on once that happened.

I wish you luck in your future adventures and hope you learn from the experience, without going broke, or broken.

Good luck and best wishes,

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Old May 29th, 2007, 07:28
yellowxj yellowxj is offline
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Re: How my mild 3 inch lift grew into a monster 6.5 inch lift

When you put the lcas on and put weight on it the pinion will point more correctly to the tcase. I just wheeled with a 6" short arm lifted xj this weekend and the pinion angle does look a little funny when its droooped all the way. But if your getting the right uca's lca's etc then thats better.

Well trimmed fenders and appropriate bump stops will let you run 35's. My wifes has 35's on a 4.5" lift with extended bump stops top and bottom in the front...the fender wells act as the limiter sometimes too...

Now you have to get all the kinks worked out by July so you can get to the Cherokee Crawl July 12-15 at Tellico
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Old May 29th, 2007, 10:49
AlabamaBill AlabamaBill is offline
NAXJA Forum User
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Moulton, Alabama
Posts: 168
Re: How my mild 3 inch lift grew into a monster 6.5 inch lift

Originally Posted by non-stick
I went with a full RE 3.5 superflex system

I think if I had used the superflex instead of the extreme duty then I would have been better off. I don't think these things are ever gonna settle much in near future. They have had weight on them for close to 2 months now. I really think, you could call the extreme duty a 5 inch spring and not be one hint of false advertising. I also think I got a bit of lift switching to the the 8.8 a half inch to inch I am guessing but that is just speculation.

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Old May 29th, 2007, 20:05
family TJ family TJ is offline
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Location: Jacksonville NC
Posts: 144
Re: How my mild 3 inch lift grew into a monster 6.5 inch lift

Mine grew from stock to 3" then 4 then 5 and now it sits at 6-6.5". I am now going full width and it will have some where around 9-10. It's an addiction/obsession. I think I will finally be satisfied when I am done, at least with the lift portion.
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Old June 4th, 2007, 18:42
milkman3848's Avatar
milkman3848 milkman3848 is offline
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Re: How my mild 3 inch lift grew into a monster 6.5 inch lift

I know what you mean, when i bought my XJ i wanted a 3" and no more, nothing but a 3" and maybe some 30 or 31's. My buddy talked me into going 4" then that ended up being almost 5".Now i'm waiting on my long arms, drop pitman, track bar, sway bar, and 2" more lift so i'll be at about 7" when it's all said and done. But i'm loving it
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Old June 5th, 2007, 02:07
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Blaine B. Blaine B. is offline
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Re: How my mild 3 inch lift grew into a monster 6.5 inch lift

So your front end lifted 3" but the rear 6"?

It will settle........give it more time.
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