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Modified Tech Discussion Forum for Tech related discussion for Modified XJ's and MJ's.

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Old December 6th, 2003, 08:51
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Brake Noise

I posted this on the OEM thread and go no replys. I will try you guys, the gurus of Mods!
Ok, my XJ sounds like a garbage truck when I stop. The brake noise is so loud it is incredible. Who has fixed this problem? Did you use ceramic brake pads? Also getting noise out of the back drums. Any suggestions would be great!
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Old December 6th, 2003, 10:04
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Re: Brake Noise

I usually sand the pads against the direction of rotation, with 100 grit coated sandpaper. Same with the rotors, in kind of an X pattern, lightly, just to break the glaze. Knocks the high point off of the scratches. Take it easy with the brakes for a couple hundred miles, so you don┤t glaze them again.
You can buy a sound/vibration dampening silicon for the back of the pads, also a teflon membrane. Also have seen copper foil and copper grease used. The sanding and the silicon usually get the job done.
Some brakes absorb moisture, that makes them catch and screetch. Usually goes away after warm up. Might have a look at the teflon/plastic inserts in the rods the caliper rides on. Have often seen them twisted or slipped in the XJ, binds some.
The sanding technique also works, with the rears and helps stop one side grabbing more than the other. Brake machine tested methode. A touch (very little) of grease on the contact points, between the shoes and backing plate. Might help, sure can┤t hurt and is a step in the, by the book brake service.
Glazing of the metal and pads, the resulting vibration are usually the cause of brake noise. Some pad/shoe compounds are worse than others.
The sanding methode is in the old Dodge truck manual and taught to me by an old timer, that was a master (expanded the family business to the west coast, name was Mr. Ray). He had a whole shop full of disc and drum turning machines, he usually chose sandpaper.
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Old December 6th, 2003, 10:41
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Re: Brake Noise

I've done sandpaper in the past, and I've also used a rasp/file to rough it up even more with good results. I then use brake cleaner to clean everything off good. Make sure your backing plates aren't bent and touching the rotors or drums too. I'm assuming that your pads/shoes aren't worn to bare metal of course.
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Old December 6th, 2003, 13:24
ărestfa||en ărestfa||en is offline
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Re: Brake Noise

Ya make sure everything is clean. I whiped just a little grease on my brake pad on my plymouth and it squelled like mad. I just ended up putting new brakes on again. If they look glazed over thats the prob.
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Old December 6th, 2003, 21:18
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Join Date: Oct 2003
Location: Arlington Heights, IL
Posts: 1,526
Re: Brake Noise

I have tried the break the glaze stuff before and have done the grease on the backing plates, too. My wife has a 2000 Neon and they squeal like a stuck pig. Maybe it is a problem with the 2000's in general. Has anyone used the slotted and drilled rotors from Quadratech and the ceramic pads? Was thinking this may cut the noise, or maybe I will go to back discs. The fronts squeal just as bad though. Just did the brakes about 3000 miles ago, so they aren't gone yet. Thanks for the info guys!
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