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Modified Tech Discussion Forum for Tech related discussion for Modified XJ's and MJ's.

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Old May 13th, 2019, 16:11
frijolee frijolee is offline
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Re: Joel's multipurpose XJ build (rocks/boulevard)

Few more pics...

Another shot of that slip 'n slide...

If your underside got too dirty, you could always go rinse off.

A few folks decided to drive the remainder of Mana Rd (~40 miles) to try to catch the sunset from the Mauna Kea summit. I warned folks the rangers might not let us up with muddy vehicles but apparently we'd rattled enough off on the way over (it transitions back to dry side in route) that they let us up.

View from the top was good but kinda cloudy.

Then suddenly the sun breaks through and the world turned insanely red. Like "Eye of Mordor" the world is one fire red...

Camera couldn't keep up with the color above, but this pic might give you a better idea.

So neat! Back at camp, much fireball was drunk, much meat was BBQ'ed. Let me tell you that a big Hawaiian man playing Adele's "Someone Like You" on a ukulele while folks sing along at the top of their lungs in the middle of nowhere? Yeah, good times indeed.

Maybe you had to be there but it was fun, I promise.

I'll close this round with a few shots of the main Mana Rd from the way back into town.

This island is rad.
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Old May 15th, 2019, 15:44
frijolee frijolee is offline
NAXJA Forum User
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Tustin, CA
Posts: 344
Re: Joel's multipurpose XJ build (rocks/boulevard)

Arriving home from Mana Rd, I found I apparently wheeled hard enough to jam some wood in between my tire bead. I only dropped down to 18 psi or so, but there's a lot of throttle involved when you go wheeling deep in the woods. ;-)

Thought I got it all but actually managed to give myself a leak so I got to pull the tire and clean more thoroughly.

I also had a heck of filthy rig that I didn't want to just take a wash cloth to and scratch the hell out of everything so I also started researching pressure washers (duh!). Once upon a time a harbor freight "1400 psi" unit that died, but having been spoiled by a friend's big gas powered Dewalt while in SoCal I wanted something better--while staying electric for size and simplicity. Turns out there are metric ton of options, half of them look identical but perform differently, how you set them up matters (IE nozzle flow sizes), and ratings are only marginally meaningful since how manufacturers rate these things varies widely.

Don't know about you guys but with tools, I'd rather over-research and be sure I'm getting the right thing.


If you really want to understand pressure washers the best resource I found was Obsessed Garage. They tested 50 some units to validate flow and pressure. You need both criteria to be effective. Here's the massive playlist.

Obsessed Garage then sells upgrades for every common type of pressure washer to get max effectiveness out of any given unit.

Brass tacks... I ordered the Greenworks 2000 psi variation sold via Lowes.

Here's a shortcut to the review of this specific machine.

I like that the unit has a stainless steel wand, a quality hose, uses generic interfaces (as opposed to proprietary versions), and generally punches above it's weight. I did not want the built in hose real as apparently those all suck. I did buy bigger 3.0 nozzles per G.O.'s recommendation but skipped the foam cannon and all the other adapter options.

A few other purchase recommendations:

I really dig the option to washer undercarriages so this was a big help and adapts fine to the end of the Greenworks wand.

Pressure washer specific soap. (Two "loads" per water tank gets a happy level of foamy IMHO)

Pump protector (apparently a typical reason why washers fail)

So all that said, a week later and I was in business. It all works. My girls think it's a big game and are asking to use the thing.

...and here we are back to "boulevard" status for a run to the beach.

Anyways, hope the research helps some other folks.

Cheers y'all,
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Old May 16th, 2019, 23:01
rockclimber's Avatar
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Re: Joel's multipurpose XJ build (rocks/boulevard)

mud.... gross.
[cal]You're an idiot rockclimber.
[StinkyFab]RockClimber is a tool.
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Old May 17th, 2019, 02:30
4x4JeePmaNthINg's Avatar
4x4JeePmaNthINg 4x4JeePmaNthINg is offline
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Re: Joel's multipurpose XJ build (rocks/boulevard)

Originally Posted by rockclimber View Post
mud.... gross.

That ain't mud, dat jungle puddin

Hawaii looks awesome btw, never knew they had any 4x4 stuff.

This has been an awesome thread, keep the jeep rollin!!!
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