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Winterfest 2020 - 20th anniversary!!! March 6th - 7th, 2020 at Badlands ORP, Attica, IN Event sponsored by IRON ROCK OFFROAD

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Old March 23rd, 2020, 15:52
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Things I learned at Winterfest 2020!

1. Cabins are winning
2. Daily Winterfest showers are winning
3. You can crack Winterfest
4. Nothing wheels like a rental
5. Wheeling brand new jeeps are fun.
6. It takes 80 minutes to air up 8 - 35 inch tires with an ARB compressor.
7. Bringing 2 Jeeps is fun.
8. Towing Jeep on Jeep on 35s works.
9. This is not my first Winterfest bringing two Jeeps
10. One tank of gas in power washer will wash 2 Jeeps
11. The VFW still handles us!
12. Owning an XJ is not required...
13. ...but you may get called out on it
14. Auctions happen after raffles...
15. I canít get enough of the Jamesí brothers.
16. If the MWC took weight loss advice from James and Brandon, our sweatshirts might fit!!!
17. Corn fed includes tacos.
18. MWC doesnít eat our own...we eat driveshafts and windows...
19. Awkward describes losing your name tag and telling others they have to have theirs.
20. The MWC will be providing plates, cups, napkins at the potluck...
21. Sometimes...we start on time...
22. To include everyone in the group photo we might want to consider doing it on Friday morning
23. Two weeks out from WF2020 quarantine!

mac 'please stay safe and healthy' gyvr
MWC President / President
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Old March 23rd, 2020, 19:03
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Things I learned at Winterfest 2020!

1. We're all a bunch of drunkards who love bacon

2. Don't forget to unplug your extension chord when making a bacon run, ore you'll never live it down

3. Trim your fenders BEFORE WF, or they will self clearance, and it won't be pretty

4. Don't book a flight the morning after WF

5. Charge your batteries before you hit the trail

6. Don't give Chuck free reign when it comes to buying bacon, he will buy the whole store

7. Attica has a liquor store
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Old March 24th, 2020, 07:08
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Re: Things I learned at Winterfest 2020!

1. Be on time and wake the kids up earlier to be able to make it on time.

2. Dont confuse the times for the potluck and the Friday dinner with each other or you'll end up late to the potluck because you thought it started at 630 when your supposed to be the one bringing the cups, plates bowls, and napkins.

3. Actually bring your spare driveshafts, trail tools and trail spares instead of leaving the tools in your tow rig and spare parts at home.

4. Make sure your front drive shaft is fully secured when you put it back in or you will loose your shaft.

5. Bring extra shampoo and soap if you stay at the Attica inn because they provide you with very little soap.

6. For some reason the pizza hit doesn't deliver to the Attica inn which is literally like 2 mins away which requires unloading your trail jeep to go pick up the pizza or disconnecting your trailer from your tow rig.

7. The Badlands is wayyyyy better than Redbird or dirty turtle.

8. Some how a two year old and five year old are able to take naps while on the trails, and get super fussy if they are woken up by a hard hit coming off an obstacle.

9. Have I mentioned something about being on time yet?

10. Some of The residents of Attica are kinda cool and will talk to you asking questions about your trail jeep and tow rig as your at the gas station filling up for the trip home.
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Old March 24th, 2020, 14:29
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Re: Things I learned at Winterfest 2020!

1 A mini bic lighter doesn't cut it for starting a WF fire

2 A flame thrower does

3 Campers are better than tents

4 50+ and sunny is better than anything else

5 I now know the process for a D35 break and how to get one off the trail
6 in 11 years i have won a hat in the raffle

7 this TJ i keep wanting to get rid of continues to do everything i tell it to
8 even with a pickup i have to drive the jeep to and from
9 you can teach your wife to drive stick in 1 day

10 even with much less time on the forums, much less time in the seat of the jeep and little to no focus on this hobby as of late, WF is still a highlight of my year!
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Because boobs are great!
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maybe, but the fun starts when Rewster and Samset show up!

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Old March 24th, 2020, 14:48
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Re: Things I learned at Winterfest 2020!

-FireFab makes an awesome bacon cooker/xj fire pit(I want one so bad).

-Bacon night in the campground needs to be an official event.

-Rear shocks are important.

Most of the things I "learned", were just reaffirmations of things I had already learned.

- is a bunch of fackin cool people, that know how to throw a party.

-I like beer(really it is true).

-I need to start taking the Monday after WF off(wow what a long day).

-I want bigger tires.

-I don't care for mud.

-I love wheeling.

-I hate camping and have no luck with tents at WF.

-I will be camping next year because for me it is all part of the experience.

All said and done, I can't believe how lucky I am to be able to do this once a year with all of you. Hope to see you on the trails sometime soon. If not I will see everyone at WF 2021
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Old March 27th, 2020, 10:23
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Re: Things I learned at Winterfest 2020!

Renting a trailer and renewing plates are the same price.

Renewing the plates and driving it was a bad idea, should have rented the trailer.

Sometimes you just have to slow down to about 20 mph on a 60 mph road when you drive your rig.

6 inch long arm on 33 is pretty top heavy. And you can feel that mostly in your right arm... as your wife clenches on for life.

Saying "that tree will probably stop us from rolling" dosen't do anything for the situation.

Tight trails, mud, front locker and 16 point turns.

Some one remind me to fix that t case linkage

When everyone around is worried about getting the jeep back on its wheels. Somebody has to remind the guy to take a picture of himself standing on top of it.

Trying to come up with a plan on how you're going to start a fire with no fire starting supplies on the way home from the dinner isn't enough time.

The bottom of the door of a mildly lifted wrangler on 33s lines up perfectly with the top of that 33 and you should not roll up with that door open and pointed towards the front of the jeep. It will get stuck on the tire. Sam's wife actually learned that one...

The local ford dealership oil guys suck at putting the dipstick back in all the way.

11 years of WF same jeep isn't as cool when bob MF loose shows up.
"A Good friend will bail you out of jail but...A True friend will be siting next to you saying damn we screwed up..."
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I'd rather lick guacamole off hobags balls .
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