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Jeep Comanche MJ (1985 - 1992) Jeep's Cherokee-based compact pickup technical forum.

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Old March 7th, 2022, 17:14
OhDearMJ OhDearMJ is offline
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H1 NP242AMG to AX-15

I had been sniffing around the local junkyard for parts.
Found a long bed Comanche and a ZJ over there.

It snows a couple months of the year where I live and the ZJ got me wondering about fitting an NP242J for the AWD option.
I read a few posts about the various versions and the general consensus being the civilian H1 having the best possible version, plus people in the comments speculating an NP242AMG could be modified to fit a jeep.
Around the same time, I found a guy on FB marketplace selling a transfer case from a civilian H1 Hummer for $200.
Guy said he got it in a trade deal and had no use for it.
(Had it dropped off at an uncles house in the city and got a 99+ intake dropped there too)

I didn't do a great job documenting the process, but I had to swap the input shaft, front half of the centre differential, because the AWD/4WD shift collar slides into a small bevel on the front face. The rear half is very different to the jeep version; the pinion gears run on needle bearings, it has a bronze collar where it rides the rear output shaft. I was able to only move the Jeep shift cam and re-use the H1 shift forks.
I also added a Tom Woods heavy duty slip yoke eliminator at the same time.
It fits the AMG case, but is missing the snap ring grooves to hold the tone ring for the speed sensor
The assembled case

As of right now I put the ZJ 1310 yoke on the front output because I have a D44 HP on order and I'll need a new front driveshaft when that gets fitted, I'll probably jump up to 1350 at the same time to match the rear so I only need one type of spare (currently have a ford 8.8 with a forged 1350 yoke from Adams Driveshafts)

I also raided an older XJ for the correct shift gate and bezel

I have not put much thought into the cooling loop just yet, but I'm not too worried; my truck is only 3700lb as opposed the a hummer weighing 8500lb+
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Old March 24th, 2022, 13:35
RecursiveDelta RecursiveDelta is offline
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Re: H1 NP242AMG to AX-15

Can I ask why you went through all the trouble of using an H1 242? I'm also running a 242 in my MJ for the full time/part time option but I'm simply using one out of a 98 XJ.
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Old May 5th, 2022, 07:20
OhDearMJ OhDearMJ is offline
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Location: Denver
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Re: H1 NP242AMG to AX-15

Originally Posted by RecursiveDelta View Post
Can I ask why you went through all the trouble of using an H1 242?
The SYE kit was $40 more for the HD/AMG case and I picked up the H1 case before I found a donor jeep 242 for $75.
I have previously broken a 241DLD in half, so for what I spent I wanted something strong, you know "Buy once, cry once"
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